Wednesday, February 10, 2010

VIDEO: L.A. Mayor Antonio Failuraigosa Delivers DOOMSDAY BUDGET Talk To L.A. City Council (Janice Hahn Is SHAMELESS In Her Lt. Gov Grandstanding)

If there is ONE THING even more annoying than the entire budget crisis, itself, it is JANICE HAHN, who STILL DOES NOT UNDERSTAND BASIC FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTING AND IS STILL WRAPPED UP IN NUTTY, FANTASY WORLD. Please remind Janice, that if she wants to press her button and spew, shallow, empty-exhortation, populist talk for cheap applause during these meetings as a campaign tactic for her Lt. Gov campaign...PLEASE BUY SOME TV AIRTIME. IF YOU KNEW HOW ANNOYING YOU COME ACROSS ON TV -- YOU WOULD BE TOO HORRIFIED TO PRESS YOUR BUTTON TO SPEAK? DO YOU NOT WATCH YOURSELF ON PLAYBACK WITH THE VOLUME UP, EVEN SLIGHTLY? AND THEN NOTHING BUT NUTTY-TALK ON TOP OF IT??? SHUT UP JANICE!!! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! And now, another dim-witted, idiot...L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa, who has done one HELL of a bang-up job as mayor, wouldn't you say. (I think that Los Angeles magazine article that deemed him a "FAILURE" was being unfair!)

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