Friday, March 19, 2010

IF YOU KNOW ANY FRIENDS OR FAMILY MEMBERS OF ZUMA DOGG...Better contact them and tell them to jump in and help before HE...

"Ever been so hungry for so many days in a row you just wanna DIE?"

Maaaaaaaaaaaan...I am NOT kidding when I say people do not take my hunger problem seriously enough...nothing ever but, "Hey, let's goof off today." (Couldn't get someone to follow up on a business idea in 20 lifetimes...but you'll waste HOURS, DAYS, WEEK AND YEARS listening to me on bullshit gossip about city hall. DOH!)

PEOPLE CLOSEST TO ME KNOW HOW TIGHT IT HAS BEEN...AND YOU CASUALLY CARRY ON AND ARE REALLY KINDA BUSY. I've tried hanging in there...can't do it anymore. Some of you have seen the signs but just want to carry on. CARRY ON! ME, I don't want to carry. If you could jump into my body, right now and see what I felt like right now, YOU wouldn't want to carry on, either. I'M TELLING YOU...THIS IS SO MUCH THE DANGER ZONE FOR ME THIS WEEK...AND NOW TODAY, MORE THAN EVER. YOU AREN'T EVEN HEARING FROM ME ANYMORE...I HOPE SOMETHING HAPPENS TO PUT AN END TO THIS...I REALLY CAN'T HOLD ON AND I KNOW ON A BEAUTIFUL FRIDAY AFTERNOON THE TIMING DOESN'T SEEM RIGHT?

DISCLAIMER: I'm not actually gonna "jump", just scared I'm gonna "drop."

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