Monday, March 29, 2010

Zuma Dogg Update for Monday March 29, 2010 - ZD loses more days as he falls deeper into rut...

in case you haven't noticed, the activism career of ZD is all but over as I struggle to simply stay awake during the day, as I am slipping further and further into a rut of isolation and helplessness; as I am FAR from being able to reverse this downward spiral of another day without a budget of any kind to make it though the day. If you think I am returning to city hall, whether the ban is over, or are VERY out of touch with the realities of ZD. It is SO OVER. I gotta let it all slide. Not even gonna try to keep things updated or even think of doing new shows or any updates. Things are winding down for ZD and you won't even notice the difference, except for some good memories of "The Zuma Dogg Era" (2000-2010). ERA OVER!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: ZD's 1st appearance at L.A. City Hall Council Chambers that kicked off the ZD "City Hall Era" was April 4, 2006 - coming up on 4 years. During that time I warned and chronicled on the record EXACTLY what was leading City Hall to the exact situation it now faces. So I did my part and I guess there's not much more that needs to be said, anyway. It's all after-the-fact, crybaby talk, now. And I did my talking when it counted...BEFORE it was too late. And it IS too late. I'm just gonna kick back at the beach until bankruptcy hearings.

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