Saturday, April 24, 2010

LA Daily Blog Saturday Morning Empowerment Session - Richard Bandler, Chris Prentiss, Tony Robbins, Dr. Deming

  1. CREATING REAL RESULTS OR CHANGING: First thing, is you have to believe...believe most of what you have been conditioned to believe is WRONG.
  2. CHRIS PRENTISS SAYS, "Consequences will not stop an addict from addictive behavior." (In line with NLP strategy). Need to RE-FRAME beliefs.
  3. When C Prentiss uses the word, "chemical imbalance," it can be mitigated through nutrition. But doctors just wanna throw you on meds. Sad.
  4. Chris Prentiss says, "things we believe that aren't true" is one of only 4 conditions of addictive behavior. NLP allows you to re-frame it.
  5. Chris Prentiss: Anyone who is addicted, whatever your addictive behavior is because you have a chemical imbalance you're trying to change.
  6. NLP: Main goal is to get person to distinguish between what is REAL/tangible and what is false, non-material nothingness messing you up.
  7. I've seen 2 vids of Chris Prentiss of Passages (including FANTASTIC infomercial airing on cable). THIS GUY IS PERFECT! Could listen all day!
  8. NLP & ADDICTION: Here is a great video on CURING addiction that is not at all an NLP video, but this guy is GREAT at it -
  9. ZD believes Chris Prentiss of Passages Treatment Center when he says all addictions can be CURED through nutrition and focus of thoughts.
  10. NLP at WORK: When my boss wouldn't stop to LISTEN to my ideas, noticed his head was always in paperwork. Sent him memos, instead. IT WORKED!
  11. NLP for TEACHERS: NLP co-founder Bandler says students who spell well visualize a pictures instead of just memorizing letters. (See video)
  12. NLP for PARENTS: If you can't say anything to your kids without them exploding at you and stomping away, MUST LEARN NLP. Trust me, it's YOU!
  13. I DO think L.A. budget situation will have to go to bankruptcy judge to sort out. Even right solution couldn't make it through bureaucracy.
  14. As I was watching today's City Hall economic recovery meeting, I realized it takes WEEKS to get a most BASIC statistic. NO CHANCE OF SAVING!
  15. It's easy to say, "Run City Hall like a business," but NO BUSINESS could survive the bureaucratic nuttiness it takes to get a thing done.
  16. "Unemployment is not inevitable. It is a sign of bad management." - Dr. W. Edwards Deming on lack of purpose (Aka: Head up ass/City Hall.)
  17. HOW YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A CREATIVITY PROBLEM: When you are so desperate you turn to the accounting department to make strategy decisions=OVER!
  18. METAPHYSICS & DEMING: If you want to increase bottom line, stop focusing on bottom line. Creativity is stronger force than accounting dept!
  19. Although some say nothing "metaphysical" can be "fact," it's a fact that metaphysics played a HUGE part in the thrival and survival of ZD.
  20. NLP: Do you usually have TV on in the background when you are home (even if not really watching)? Sorry your brain is hostage to Nielsen.
  21. NLP: Do U wake up every day, turn on TV or radio and let media drag mind all over the place all day from there? Not in mind's best interest.
  22. NLP: It's a mind over body matter. Can walk into an all you can eat buffet and eat just enough to be comfortably full? If not, an NLP issue.
  23. NLP: Probably the most beneficial program on TV is P-90X infomercial. Instead of making you want a hamburger, it makes you want to work-out.
  24. Introduction To NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming) with co-founder RICHARD BANDLER (VIDEO NOW STREAMING) Plus, Dr. ...
  25. NOW STREAMING AT HTTP://ZUMASHOW.COM: Programming to DE-program you from all the mindless & negative programming on TV. You'll feel better.
  26. I decided to simply start producing MY OWN show, "Zuma Dogg" after reading Ice Cube say you can't wait for someone else to green light you.
  27. At least I know why SEC hasn't investigated my screams for PENSIONGATE investigation in L.A. Should have had Jenna Jameson say it, for me!
  28. NOW STREAMING at NLP Co-Founder RICHARD BANDLER. Compelling reality show segment. He's a LEGEND!
  29. ARCHIVE: Introduction to DR. DEMING VIDEO from yesterday -
  30. If you watch the evening news on TV, it will FEEL like you are informed and was time well spent, but did NOTHING for mind/body/spirit=EMPTY.
  31. NLP: I just spent four years seeking out and listening to EVERY PROBLEM in the city round the clock, then wondered why I was always cranky.
  32. Activism is BIG niche, but more people prefer to become more enlightened everyday and have more ripped abs than care what Dennis Zine said.
  33. I feel my blog can be put to more beneficial use if I focus on more enlightening material that'll help make people feel good in these times.
  34. Now that L.A. budget crisis is ALL OVER TV, RADIO & NEWS (plus a million blogs linking to it all), ZD can shift balance back to ORIGINAL ZD.
  35. When ZD showed up at City Hall and blogged for four years, was virtually exclusive outlet for shady-blasting. NOW, it's ALL OVER THE NEWS!
  36. Don't think of ZD's new blog programming as losing round the clock CITY HALL watch, but GAINING more valuable unblogged info to BENEFIT YOU!
  37. If you're informed enough to have intelligent conversation on Tiger W, Dancing w Stars, Kate G or much of what's on TV, don't expect much.
  38. THE ONLY THING FOR SURE: When I became a semi-known name in L.A. without spending a penny on media budget; wasn't watching mindless TV.
  39. You can WATCH the Lakers or American Idol or watch the news and stay informed and on top of what's happening...not the approach ZD takes.
  40. WHAT BECAME MOST IMPORTANT TO ME once I got off streets was rehabilitating my body from past 4 yrs. HAD TO CHANGE FOCUS OF MY ATTENTION!
  41. I always wanted to have my own cable network to program the type of content that uplifts the spirit and mind. I NOW HAVE ONE...ON MY BLOG!
  42. The problem with the media is it spews a bunch of meaningless crap and you care about it until you have let your mind be dragged off focus.
  43. It's easy to get caught up in Dancing w Stars/Insider/Law & Order/"IMPORTANT" news shows, etc, on TV until U mysteriously feel like CRAP.
  44. When you look at ANYONE you admire who has produced outstanding results you wish you could, I ASSURE YOU they weren't watching network TV.
  45. Unlike traditional therapy methods, NLP is only supposed to be a one time visit.
  46. NLP: I let focus of my thoughts drift into a 24/7 City Hall focus until I physically deteriorated. 30 day ZD council ban broke the pattern!
  47. People spend WAY too much time talking about if Whoopi was too harsh on Kate, or something about OCTOMOM. I feel SO BAD for those people.
  48. When you start to monitor what benefit you actually derive from watching random TV, you will see how much mindless/negative stuff there is.
  49. Sometimes I go MONTHS without watching TV. When I finally turn it on, you can feel negative VERY QUICKLY! (A lot of stress and violence.)
  50. If you want to increase creativity, feel less crappy and produce better results, don't let TV drag your mind all over the world. FOCUS IT!
  51. NLP terminology: "Reframe" - what you are basically always trying to do to yourself or others to change the way you feel about something.
  52. Gonna provide as much content on my blog as possible this weekend: A lot of mind/body/spirit/metaphysics/NLP stuff!

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