Saturday, April 24, 2010

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Speaks About Tony Robbins - Plus Tony Robbins LIVE VIDEO Seminar (See What He's All About)

Here is Bill Clinton talking about Tony Robbins. Bill called Tony for strategy back when he was President of the United States. (But some of you are still not sure about Tony.) I came across some VIDEO CLIPS from an actual seminar held overseas.

These clips give you a little idea of what his seminars are actually like. (Not just infomercial clips or interview on talk show.) Although it's still nothing like being in the room, with all the people, for an entire weekend, these clips provide TREMENDOUS insight. What he is actually doing is the process of NLP/hypnotherapy on the audience. So you can watch the video to have the process work on you, but also notice what he is saying and doing, cause it's how you create improvement and change.

You may wonder why he does some of the audience participation stuff, like shouting back; standing up and jumping, or whatever. That is because the number one thing that determines your state (how you feel) is your physiology. And some of these people haven't moved in decades. PLUS, when you are sitting for 8 hours at time, it's a way to keep the audiences energy up...AND you LEARN AND RETAIN MORE when you include physiology. MORE ON THAT...NOW! You may not have ever wanted to give in and pay the guy to attend the seminar to see what it's all about. Here's your chance to check out some typical, average footage FOR FREE! (And although you have to watch the first video, if it isn't compelling enough, keep watching all the way through Video 4, at least.) PEOPLE WOULD HAVE PAID $1000 bucks for bootleg copies of these videos Pre-YouTube era.

VIDEOS 11-20 coming up...

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