Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Update for Thursday April 29, 2010

  1. Scummins says ZD MUST be getting paid for NLP blogging cause last week was crying for $. Still STARVING but made decision about my blogging.
  2. NLP: NScummins sent email saying I MUST be paid to blog NLP, cause last week I was crying for $. AN NLP DECISION TO BE A BETTER BLOGGER!
  3. A lot of people have supported my blog with PayPal, for ranting. But if there were EVER a ZD video of REAL value to you:
  4. L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa supports economic boycott of Arizona: Looks like U.S. ALREADY supported economic boycott of L.A. under YOU, Mayor V!
  5. DUMB & DUMBER: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to Announce Agreement with Renewable Energy. BIG WHOOP!
  6. RT @LATimes: If billionaire Eli Broad builds grand art museum, should he get $1-a-year lease to prime LA land? (HELL NO! A waste of space..)
  7. NLP: If you're an obsessive psychotic like Nutty "Mary" Scummins, and something is BOTHERING you, STOP drawing yourself to it. STOP READING!
  8. ROOT CAUSES: Whether it's addiction issues or getting to the bottom of municipal waste, always a ROOT CAUSE. NLP/HAT helps you get to it.
  9. HAT: Conditioning nuisance neighbor upstairs how to stomp more softly on ZD's ceiling. When he STOMPS, music goes UP! When stops, back down.
  10. ALL HE'S USING IS WORDS: Look how many MILLIONS of people cheer the results they feel from Tony Robbins LIVE. He is only using right words.
  11. THE POWER OF WORDS: When skeptical people go to see Tony Robbins LIVE and leave a screaming testimonial, he didn't put drugs in their water.
  12. Neighbor upstairs has guest who stays all day and REFUSES to stop stomping on floor, although manager warned. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO, NOW BLARING!
  13. The URL says it all!
  14. RT @JerryBrown: If its Brown, he'll take them down. (Take WHAT down? L.A. & CA just went under in fraud, waste & abuse scam. YOU DID NADA!
  15. NOW STREAMING: Zuma Music Radio - Classic Hits (Pop, Rock, Dance, Country, R&B) in the spirit.
  16. BREAKING NEWS: 'Andy Griffith Show' actress robbed: Actress who played Thelma on Andy G Show ROBBED! - CALL BARNEY FYFE!
  17. If you're a municipality with DWP/City workers drinking at strip clubs, parks & trucks on the job- SURE SIGN of a 14 Pt mangement problem.
  18. DEMING'S 14 POINTS: How you prevent DWP workers from drinking at strip clubs while on the job. Sorry, but it takes LEADERSHIP. Try anyway!
  19. Complaints to me about DWP/City workers goofing off, not working, drinking in park COME FROM OTHER CO-WORKERS! THEY don't like it, either!
  20. ANY surprise news says city workers caught drinking at strip club? CONSTANTLY hear stories of drinking in park/truck/not working=BIG issue.
  21. DWP Workers Caught Drinking and Going to strip clubs on job: "apparent misconduct by a small group of LADWP employees..." - WHO WERE CAUGHT!
  22. Zuma Dogg's Twitter Update for Wednesday April 28, 2010
  23. L.A. Councilman Bernard Parks: All those trips @TOP LUXURY HOTELS - against report recommendations for you and wife must be making you soft.
  24. ZUMA DOWNGRADE ON BERNARD PARKS WORSE THAN MOODY'S. (PARKS MAKE ZD MOODY): "A worthless, do-nothing blow hard. Clowncil back to 15." 4.27.10
  25. CAN'T DO NOTHIN' FO YA. MAN!: Hey CM Bernard Parks. ZD said you were ONLY LEADER in Chambers. Oops, my bad...THE LEAST! POUND SAND, CLOWN!
  26. DON'T BLAME BPARKS FOR BEING UNAWARE OF DWP VOTE: He may have been busy planning next trip out of town w family paid out of GENERAL FUND!
  27. HUMAN UN-AWARENESS: L.A. Councilman Bernard Parks misses KEY vote on DWP rate hike that would have made difference. Say "unaware" of vote.
  28. THOUGHT I WAS MORE OUTRAGED THAN YOU, MAYBE NOT: Am so outraged BParks missed DWP vote NOW ready to say, Pay it out of your pensionS, BITCH!
  29. PARKS! I said such good things about you but it's tough to spin Ron Kaye's take. U BLEW IT! Go become a teacher in class!
  30. VIDEO: Mas Deming en Espanol: (There's about 1000 times more Deming videos en Espanol than en English.
  31. VIDEO: Deming En Espanol - Los 14 Puntos De Deming -
  32. RT @jillstewart: Poor fumbling and bumbling Janice Hahn. A nice woman. But LA Times Endorses Newsom in Lt. Gov.'s Race
  33. RT @NYTimes: Linking Customer Loyalty With Social Networking (Deming's 14 Points IS ABOUT CREATING CUSTOMER LOYALTY.)
  34. If you have a creative project to get started, need a new idea for business or have some serious writing to do listen to
  35. How does Ries&Trout "Marketing Strategy" relate to Deming's 14Pts. "Once you have a strategy, 14 Pts is how you get it out door." Jack Trout
  36. What does Deming's 14 have to do with HUMAN AWARENESS TRAINING? Deming is based on knowledge of behavioral psychology. Aka: HUMAN AWARENESS.
  37. Until DWP attends a Deming Seminar like the L.A. one coming up in June., any talk of waste reduction is just that: TALK, but not reduction.
  38. I think the ULTIMATE Deming 14 Point-based office would be one where no one had a title and everyone could do each others job w equal skill?
  39. What can Deming's 14 Points do for Tony Robbins fans? If you are running a business your goal is to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

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