Thursday, April 29, 2010

NEW VIDEO STREAMING: Thursday 4.29.10 9pm (DWP Workers Drinking In Strip Clubs? A Deming 14 Point Management Issue)

Here's a great opportunity to apply Deming's 14 points ("Methods for Management of Quality & Productivity) to the City of Los Angeles & DWP municipal operations. Today, it was announced in the news that DWP workers were busted drinking booze in strip clubs while on the clock. This is not a new story to Zuma Dogg as he has heard a lot of stories about not just drinking during work hours, but over all NON-work, goofing off, sitting in your cars/trucks/under tree in park/et al. I've blogged about it. Not just DWP, but A LOT of city workers in different areas. Parking enforcement and Library workers have given me quite an earful on this the topic of "impossible to fire goof-offs." NOT SUPPOSED TO FIRE, SUPPOSED TO INSPIRE. But actually, it's a little more than inspiration, although the 14 points, are always inspiring. The W. Edwards Deming Institute presents it's, "Out of the Crisis" seminar (which is what it is, for L.A...."a crisis"), right here in at CRISIS CENTRAL, DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES. So help stimulate the local economy and it will count under, "tourism." JUNE 9-7th. SEMINAR DETAILS HERE. AND NOW, listen to the video loop, now streaming about the DWP worker/Deming issue and other things. ANOTHER SHOW TO FOLLOW (BOTTLE CAP) THIS ONE, SOON!

BLOG POST: INTERPRETING DEMING'S 14 POINTS - "It is well done." - Dr. W. Edwards Deming - READ IT HERE -

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