Saturday, May 8, 2010

READER MAIL: L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar May End Up In HOT WATER (Scolding Hot) If He Doesn't Chill on The "Broadway Is Back" Corruption

[Pictured: Could bring a whole new meaning to, "Please hold my time."]

Zuma Dogg just catching up on some of the emails from my inbox. Here's some reader mail. An opinion piece?

To; ZD
Fr: Huizar Victim
Dt: 05/08/10
Re: Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar/Corruption

Huizar's "Bringing Back Broadway" is more of the same City of LA corruption and shady back room dealing that has gotten the city talking about bankruptcy.

You mention the Delijani family wanting a new parking structure, somehow paid for by the city. However, no other theater owner agrees. Huizar needs money for his shill non-profit and hit up Delijani for it, Delijani said no.

In an act of the most severe type of political corruption, Huizar renamed a national historical landmark, the end point of Route 66 at 7th and Broadway, to "Delijani Square", after which Delijani then donated big to "Bringing Back Broadway".

Many sources are following this paper trail of corruption, and it may not be long before corruption charges will follow, including Federal charges of racketeering and money laundering:

Scenario: Delijani wants City to buy him parking building, Huizar wants money for his shill non-profit that can't be provided by the City, Huizar renames national landmark after Delijani, attempts to have City purchase parking structure using tax payer money for $27M, Delijani then donates $27M to non-profit

...more to follow.

Zuma blog reader

[Note: Some of you know I'm trying to expand beyond blogging this type of content, but although it's a beautiful Saturday (first one of Summer!), Huizar had to be Mr. Leader Activist against Zuma Dogg by calling for a 30 day ban, SO HERE YOU GO HUIZAR! (And when I get back, I'm gonna check your Blackberry for love notes from your mistresses during the council meeting. Save that sh*t for OUTSIDE council chambers, you no-heart, emotionally weak, over-your-head, punk! FEDERAL EYES ARE ALL OVER YOU AS MUCH AS YOUR MISTRESSES IN DA CLUB!]

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