Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zuma Dogg "Still Hangin' In There" TWITTER UPDATE for Wed July Whatever, 2010 (Bitter-Cranky Reflections of "A Decade of Zuma Dogg"

The year 2010 represents, "A Decade of Zuma Dogg," cause I made my TV & radio debut on "The Howard Stern Show," in April of 2000. I didn't do anything else with the character, outside making some more calls on Howard's show, until I went to Venice Beach this last weekend in July 2000 and filmed some video segments that I slapped together for a Malibu public access time slot, making it's debut the first week in August 2000. So we are coming up to the closing part of the "A Decade of Zuma Dogg" 2010 celebration. AND, if you have been checking in, you know I've never been worse! It's been a whirlwind experience of a lifetime, with 1000s of people paying such amazing living tribute to the legendary icon...that sitting here broke and stuck without being able to do a gosh darn thing except blog, is more than I seem to be able to bear. My mind and spirit is revving the engine, but my wallet has the emergency brake on -- and the engine is overheating. So here are some therapeutic tweets, Aka: The reflections of a burnt-out, down and out, somewhat public "has been." Memories are all I got. And I never liked to look back, cause too busy moving ahead. But looks like ZD is now a "nostalgia act" anyway. And that's all I walk away with.

A DECADE OF ZUMA DOGG TWEETS (2000-2010): (Public Access Debut: Aug 2000)
  • Part of me says I should start going to council meetings cause it's my 'destiny,' so they say. Then I remember how taxing w/out a paycheck.
  • I miss showing up at City Hall & addressing people on TV who have provided so much spiritual uplifting. But can't be my solution for future.

  • FELL HARDER THAN A WALLENDA: ZD rode the cosmic, collective conscious wavelengths for 2 decades. But seems as though I've lost the vibe.
  • BOTTOM LINE: I'm suffering from a quantum physics blockage due to what I fear is from my lack of productive output. But can't operate broke.
  • I've seen WDyer, MWilliamson, DChopra, M Scott Peck ALL LIVE & have studied. Didn't grasp at time, but couldn't have pulled off ZD it w out!
  • I've pushed hard over past decade putting out media energy and it's been rewarding. But universe needs to open a little for ZD to continue.
  • All I've ever done is push to try and call things into consciousness, like Bewitched. It works, but can't just wiggle nose & isn't as exact.
  • Did u happen to catch CAO say city had to transfer $700 million out of general fund to pay for pension (losses)? Not small, wacky NC issue.
  • Did you see the City Council item on REAP conflict of interest allegations that CM Parks called, "fairly serious?" Of course not, NC wacko.
  • Did u see Sunday LA Times article on pension corruption including Wetherly Capital & Villar's Elliot Broidy? Of course not, small-stuff nut.
  • Hey, @Villaraigosa, take off your elevator shoes, roll up your sleeves, stop Tweeting about Federal Judge rulings and FIX THE FUCKING CITY!
  • @Villaraigosa: Can the talk on Federal Judge's Immigration rulings. No one gives a FUCK what you have to say except how to FIX CITY, DUMMY!
  • If I told u I could SWEAR UNDER LIE DETECTOR that ZD was solely responsible for the memo used to create E! Network, would u believe? CRANKY!
  • HOW TO DRIVE SOMEONE CRAZY:Have 1000s of people call you, "genius, legend, hero, icon, best thing ever on TV," while u sit home broke/stuck.
  • I know it SICKENS you, but having 1000s of people pile on such intensely strong accolades, while I sit home broke & stuck is un-bearable.
  • SURREAL MOMENT: Starbuck's clerk hands ZD free cup while in line saying, "You're famous, you shouldn't wait." (P Bronsnan was in line, too!)
  • SURREAL MOMENT: Having Stone Temple Pilots' guitarist Dean stop you at Startbucks to ask, "Can I buy your videos to watch on our tour bus?"
  • SURREAL MOMENT: Checking voice mail to hear, "Hi, this is Courteney Cox-Arquette. David and I are such fans. Can you come to our house?"
  • SURREAL MOMENT: Walking around Malibu strip mall, having someone wave me over to SUV and it was Adam Sandler to say he was #1 ZD fan!
  • Surreal Moment: Emilio Estevez said to me, "I was talking to Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson about your show. They're addicted." (YOU WERE?)
  • A lot of these Hollywood actors get a lot of accolades from public. But just for reading someone else's lines. ZD fans are like KISS fans!
  • I remember a mom stopped me in Malibu to say, "So YOU'RE ZD? My son locks himself in his room and watches your videos all day." (Thank you!)
  • I remember when recovering Iraq war veteran called me from his bed to say, "Just finished watching every ZD video on YouTube. Keep it up!"
  • REFLECTIONS: I remember when guy who lost loved ones in 9-11 told me ZD Show was 1st time he was able to smile and said show saved his life.
  • According to 1000s of people, Emmy, Grammy & Academy winners; no one seems to be able to hold & entertain TV viewers like ZD. Stuck at home.
  • I'm sorry on days like these I reflect on the 1000s of people, "A" list celebrities & world's top consultants who have praised my output.
  • STEVE COOLEY was EARLY fan on ZD, from the start, but I'm heartbroken that LA City just tanked under corruption, and he didn't do a thing.
  • STEVE COOLEY has been "investigating" Bell City for months, he says. But it took THE PEOPLE to END the corruption. Now, Steve chimes in.
  • Steve Cooley: SO HAPPY he can crack down on Bell small town corruption for AG election while LA CIty just tanked under unchecked corruption.
  • Perhaps I'm truly delusional, but I say there isn't an "A" lister in Hollywood who has heard the intense degree of favorable accolade as ZD.
  • If you had 1000s of random strangers stop you to say your show was best thing ever and they LIVED for it, you would be cranky today, too.
  • You know what it takes to have thousands of random strangers stop dead in their tracks to make sure to tell you how much your efforts mean?
  • YING-YANG: My 4yr experience inside City Hall was most spiritually rewarding experience of a lifetime, but also the darkest. IT ZAPPED ME!
  • The cranky-juice it takes to fuel bits: Be it "Singing in Library" or "Don't Stop Believing" segment; both were low, low ZD life moments.
  • Laws of Universe: Isn't it ironic that it takes the worst, most miserable, bipolar cranky juice to create the blissful, fun ZD Show persona?
  • If u don't think it's angry, bipolar cranky juice that fuels & propels someone downtown to year's of council meetings, u r crazier than me.
  • If you were called, "genius, hero, icon, local legend" in the media & by public & were sitting home broke & stuck you'd be going nuts, too.
  • I've had Academy/Grammy/ Emmy Award winners tell me they're going to use me for projects. No wonder I'm bitter as I sit here stuck & broke.
  • The biggest corruption/waste plaguing city goes uncovered by media as same few stories are repeated. ZD is for the BIG stuff left uncovered.
  • I could sit here today and do new blogging & LIVE ZumaShow webcast cause I'm o.k., THIS HOUR; but doesn't seem functional. Just gonna chill.
  • Mayor Antonio @Villaraigosa can't even fall off his bike and shatter his elbow without his story sounding shady.
ONE THING I'M CRANKY ABOUT, is this scratchy, early-morning vocal track that I couldn't record better. But still gotta post to help get the message out -- and it's good enough. So...

"On American Top 40, here's Zuma Dogg with his political activist, sing-a-long anthem, 'Take Back the City, Clean Sweep City Hall.' I'm Casey Kasem."
Zuma Dogg - "Take Back The City, Clean Sweep City Hall (LIVE VIDEO DEMO)

8PM UPDATE: Read this story and weep, haters. Less than five minutes ago, was biking down Lincoln in Venice. Stopped into mini-mart for drink, wearing my home made ZD tshirt, like the one in the video above. She says, "You're the famous blogger, Zuma Dogg?" I was stunned. I asked, "How do you know I blog?" She said she has heard about my blogging from other people and on the TV & radio. I asked her, "which station, what show?" She couldn't name any of the radio host shows she heard me on...but she knew ZD and MY name. Then she said some nice things about ZD...keep it up, and stuff like that...BUT THEN, she REALLY went into a rant against Antonio. She moved to L.A. as an immigrant in 1966 and is the store owner. WOW, she ain't happy with the mayor...and seemed to be able to re-cap enough negative stuff about the mayor to let me know she's really paying attention! Then when I left the store, I saw her cover her mouth and giggle and ask the other customers if they knew Zuma Dogg. (And, yes...this was 8:15pm, this evening, at a random mini-mart. I GUESS I MADE QUITE AN IMPACT ON THE CITY. Meanwhile, I'm stuck and broke in my apartment and ain't doin' a DAMN thing. Oh well. Imagine if I ever DID have a real platform.

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