Sunday, August 8, 2010

You're Listening To "Zuma Music Radio" (L.A.'s All-Time Greatest Hits!)

NOW STREAMING: Now that I am spending more time inside my apartment, and all the FM radio stations make me frustrated and cranky, I created, "Zuma Music Radio"...NOW, with EXPANDED music library. The music flow changes throughout the day, based on the time/mood of day. Overall, if you grew up listening to KIIS-FM, KLOS, KROQ (Top 40, Classic Rock. Post Modern Rock & R&B), it's all streaming as much as my laptop can take without shutting down from overheating. Sometimes I pop in with hosted DJ segments, a la Rick Dees! It may not be rants about city hall, but it's something you may enjoy playing in the background as you surf the net or hang out at the house or pool.

If music isn't streaming, check out a previous hour's mix at

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