Thursday, October 21, 2010 News for Thursday, 10.21.10 - Excerpts from EXPLOSIVE Memo on CURRENT L.A. City Lawsuit (Which WIll Allegedly Bring Down City Hall) Sent To Zuma Dogg --- AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER...He don't wanna see it!

Oh no...the problem with being back on LA City TV 35 as extreme gadfly, is the extreme info comes out of the marble city hall woodwork, into our email inbox. The stuff on LAHD corruption was BAD & UNCOMFORTABLE enough. 

BUT THIS NEW MEMO THAT JUST CAME WAAAAAAAAAAY more than any single individual concerned citizen should be blasting. AND...the problem is...we all know I can't keep my mouth shut or keep from blogging it. (WHICH IS PROBABLY WHAT THEY KNOW.) So here are a few tweets to warm it up and see where it goes from here. I could DELVE and get the documents, and all that...but's, "you don't wanna go there," stuff. Well see how cranky I get these next few days. It would be A DISASTER BEYOND ANYTHING CITY HALL HAS HAD TO ENDURE -- AND IT WOULD BE MORE THAN ZD WOULD BE COMFORTABLE TO ENDURE AS THE ONE SAYING IT. 

And it has nothing to do with the Asst GM of LAHD, but until THAT issue is taken care of...IT'S ALL LEVERAGE TOWARD THE GOAL! 

FOLLOW UP TO LOPEZ CANYON LANDFILL TRUST FUND TRANSFER FOR NEXT YEAR'S (2011) FIREWORKS DISPLAY IN CD 7 BY INDICTED CM, WHO IS EXPECTED TO STEP DOWN BEFORE NEXT YEAR'S 4th of JULY, 2011: When indicted City Councilman wanted to transfer trust fund money to "Fourth of July at Hansen Dam Inc.," is that CM's CRONY/COUSIN?


  • Next 4 tweets below are excerpts from SCARY explosive memo on current lawsuit that ZD is scared to talk about beyond the 4 tweets below. less than a minute ago

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