Monday, October 25, 2010

PUBLIC NOTICE Regarding Venice Beach Ocean Front (Boardwalk) for All Performers, Speakers & Artists [No More Paid Permits or Lottery and Amplifiers Allowed In ANY Space Along Boardwalk]

On October 21, 2010, a Federal Judge ruled in favor of 12 Venice Beach performers who filed for an injunction against the City of Los Angeles regarding Ordinance 42.15. 

The ordinance required performers, speakers and artists to pay a permit fee; then appear for a Tuesday morning lottery for a space to set up in, each and every week. 

So if you wanted to express your U.S. Constitutionally protected FREE SPEECH; first you had to PAY for a PERMIT, then throw your name in the hat (lottery) for the CHANCE to be able to speak on Saturday or Sunday. Seemed fishy. 

Especially when LAPD decided to start writing tickets to performers for having a mic stand displayed that was over 4 feet. (After selling a permit to set up to perform in the space which allowed for amplification.) SO WHAT SPEAKER OR PERFORMER IS 4 feet, or under, besides Verne Troyer, who rarely appears to speak? 

Additionally, the city reduced the amount of spaces that performers may set up with amplifiers to one little area in front of Sidewalk Cafe. So all the musicians had to fight for spaces, there -- and wait HOURS for a short set. NOW, speakers and musicians may set up all along the boardwalk, so everyone doesn't have to fight/compete/share one small area along the entire boardwalk.

Some may not be happy about some or all of this. So you must consider, the FEDERAL JUDGE waited YEARS for the City of Los Angeles to put together a reasonable ordinance that was NOT in violation of the U.S Constitution's First Amendment. The city could have EASILY put something together that would have prevented their DEFEAT in Federal Court, placing an injunction on their illegal law. They simply went way overboard and reach way too far, as they always do, and City Hall leaves judges NO CHOICE!

SUMMARY: As of October 21, 2010, artists, vendors, speakers and performers no longer need to pay for a permit (no more permits, at all); no longer need to appear for the Tuesday morning lottery (no more lottery, at all), and may amplify your message or performance in any space along the boardwalk. (However, you still need to be aware of possible "disturbing the peace" violations if you think you are playing "Staples Center." 

More on this national free speech, First Amendment matter at This ruling may now be used by constituents across the country. "You're Welcome, America!" 

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