Friday, November 19, 2010

SHOCKER! First Sign of Council LEADERSHIP Zuma Dogg Has Seen in 4 Years Out of the Mouth of JAN PERRY! (Villar's Commissioner Appointment CONTINUED!)

[Pictured: She STILL better not cut me off without merit, but doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL, today!]

UGH! I only like to COMPLAIN about JAN PERRY, but the "fair and impartial" part of ZD will not allow him to let her leadership today, on an issue ZD has focused a lot of light on, Villaraigosa's commissioner appointments, go un-noticed.

Today, Ms. Perry began to raise the issue during (the usual slam-dunk) approval of MAYOR DOUCHETONIO VILLARAIOGSA'S commissioner appointments, that many times the background and ethics checks are not being done before the votes -- that always end up with a unanimous approval.

When I ran for mayor in the last election, and had only three precious minutes to address the public, I took time to note a seldom discussed issue of Villaraiogsa's commissioner appointments (like LACERS' Elliot Broidy and other swell folks who just drove the city over the cliff.)

I've noted on-the-record UNCOUNTED NUMBER OF TIMES that it says, "background and ethics check not completed." And asked for the appointment to be continued.

So looks like Jan Perry may be aware of the legal implications that may come back to impact the city's general fund over the issue of bamboozling through Villar's shady appointments without the paperwork that reveals the donations and contributions these commissioner appointments may have made.

Honorable mention to BERNARD PARKS who backed up Perry and piled on.

Add it all up, and Zuma Dogg is STUNNED on "Dog & Pony Show, Presentation Friday" as he witnesses the first sign of true "against the grain" leadership, seen in four and a half years while monitoring City Council meetings, as JAN PERRY sets new precedent by having shady-Villar's commissioner appointment CONTINUED until the background review paperwork is done. SOMETHING THAT COUNCIL HAS BEEN "REQUIRING" SINCE 2005. (But many/most times are not being presented for the vote.)

FYI: TOM LABONGE (nothing more than a greedy, dumb joker) who is up for re-election in March 2010, stood up to say the commissioner should just be approved anyway, cause he looks like a nice guy and already took the time to come down to chambers. TOM, you are revealing yourself as someone VERY WORTHY of being THROWN OUT OF CITY HALL ON YOUR ASS, IN MARCH! YOU F*CKING BLEW IT ON THIS ONE, TOM. You are a nonsensical, babbling clown, who comes off as senile these days, and people are actually wondering aloud if you are.

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