Thursday, February 24, 2011

L.A. City News Tweets for 2/24/11 - L.A. CIty Hall Politics, Zuma Dogg's TV Commercial for City Council Election & CA Pension Fraud Tweets (Pt 3)

[Pictured: I know you can't SAY anything, but try to send ZD some kind of message regarding CRA projects and where the pension money went.]

LA City News Tweets

  • VIDEO: ZUMA DOGG 30 SECOND TV COMMERCIAL for March 8th L.A. Council elections. ("Vote out Herb Wesson" Edition.) 53 minutes ago
  • It was a lot of dark, homeless time on streets in '07-'09 when I was doing all this pension blogging, that got bigger hits in '11. Worth it! about an hour ago
  • CALIFORNIA PENSION FRAUD: Seems to translate into bigger blog page views than any other LA City Council topic ZD blogs about. (That's good!) about an hour ago
  • Took a nap, this evening, so ZD is FRESH! Gonna get cup of coffee and take midnight walk on state beach in L.A., cause LAPD can't stop me! about an hour ago
  • @EricGarcetti, you got a political problem, my man! Greuel's Ben Golombdick is going to work for Fuentes! Ben HATES you! Does Wendy, too? about an hour ago
  • After ALL THE BAD SH*T WENDY GREUEL'S council office used to feed me on shady Filipe Fuentes; and her head goon is going to work for him? about an hour ago
  • Careful Ben, he's BEYOND SHADY!: Ben Golombek leaves Greuel's Controller office to become Fuentes' deputy chief of staff. about an hour ago
  • #EricGarcetti: Thank you for sitting back and observing the master. (That goes for Parke "Red" Skelton, Ben Galoomdick & rest of you hacks.) about an hour ago
  • OH NO! If FBI catches wind of THIS '09 post, some BIG people may REALLY get into trouble, and someone just hit this page! 14 minutes ago
  • HOWEVER BAD the L.A. CAO & Council EXPECTED '11-'12 economy to be...DIDN'T EVEN PLAN ON $4.00+ a gallon gas by Memorial Day. SERIOUS CRISIS. 17 minutes ago
  • Spent 3 yrs trying to explain negative impact of LACERS pension loss in overly-risky fraud. But just said it best in 140 characters, below. 19 minutes ago
  • DO YOU "GET IT?": City loses BILLIONS of LA pension fund to crony fraud scheme; it's covered out of general fund; and city is broke over it. 22 minutes ago
  • EXCERPT FROM: Internal Memos To Zuma Dogg From Wetherly Insider Tells History of the Capital Investment Firm (cont) 26 minutes ago
  • ZD '09 warning/prediction on pension fraud, budget crisis & investigations. (Was old news to me, back then.) 32 minutes ago
  • PENSION FRAUD '09 Mayor Sam Comment: I didn't know Jack Weiss' advises on pension money investments? Wetherly ties. 35 minutes ago
  • PENSION FRAUD POST on Mayor Sam blog from '09: TEAM BURKE - 38 minutes ago
  • 200 listens on this exclusive audio of ZD talking to Wetherly Capital insider on Pension Fraud. GOOD OVERVIEW! - 50 minutes ago

L.A. City News and MORE CALIFORNIA PENSION FRAUD TWEETS (Pt 2 for 2/23/11)


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