Friday, February 18, 2011

Zuma Dogg Friday Night Break From PENSION FRAUD BLOGGING to Sing Some Karaoke About PENSION FRAUD

CITY HALL keeps making the same dumb mistake. Calling DOWD/DOGG with BULLSHIT-EMPTINESS on Friday evening. Which gets me cranky with nothing to do but blog ALL WEEKEND. I have to wonder why you even told Dowd you were gonna try to call him on Friday, which you did, only to stall for more time, since we both know your City Attorney's office is stretched too thin, and have BIGGER THINGS you are bogged down with than DOWD/DOGG. (Even though ours, alone, is a big deal. But we know it ain't the only deal you are working on...BUT TOO BAD! IT'S BEEN FIVE YEARS OF FEDERAL VIOLATIONS!!! SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, TOO BAD! YOU SHOULD HAVE SETTLED THIS AND FIXED THINGS BEFORE EVERYTHING CRASHED DOWN ON YOU. (And the BIGGEST thing to crash down on you, is not enough time and staff to handle the DOWD/DOGG summary judgment and next round of lawsuits.

SO I DID HIT WITH A MASSIVE PENSION FRAUD BOMB, THIS EVENING, WHEN I WOKE UP FROM A NAP, and just like I thought, had a voicemail from Dowd saying the Shitty Attorney called with a mouth full of bullshit sandwich.

SO EVERYONE MENTIONED IN THAT BLOG POST CAN BLAME BILL ROSENDAHL AND THE CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE...EVEN THOUGH I FEEL FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC, IN ALL REALITY...cause we're going all the way to have a judge and jury decide this matter...City Hall is PANICKED BEYOND BELIEF OVER ZUMA DOGG'S PENSION FRAUD BLOGGING...and they KNOW I have BOAT LOADS of info I haven't thrown overboard, yet. (So of course they're sitting around all weekend, checking this blog to see what body I throw overboard, next on this blog.)

WE'LL FIND OUT, SOON ENOUGH. I don't know yet...I have a dart board with "Team Shady" pension fraud pilferers and their cahoots-racketeering cronies on the wall. And I will soon throw the next dart to see whose picture it lands on. Then will connect the dots to them, and all their cronies on the issue they PILFERED PENSION MONEY OVER!

SO MEANWHILE, I wanted to take a break (I'm STILL SUCH a procrastonator when it comes to typing up reports, just like when I was in high school. And here's one of the songs I used to listen to, back then. I was listening to it, this evening, and it reminded me of shady politicians on the run. Cause I, "heard it from a mole, who...heard it from a mole, who...told it to ZD -- and he blogged it around, y'all..." (Doong, dooong, doong):


Feb 10, 2011

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Feb 8, 2011

Feb 8, 2011

Mar 30, 2008

Zuma Dogg Bumps Into Arnold Schwarzenegger on the street and gives Arnie a non-Brown Act 2 minute public comment on PENSION FRAUD. Matt Dowd swooped into the scene and captured some of it:

ZUMA DOGG "BLOCKED & IMPINGED" BY CBS TV CREW SHOOTING "THE DEFENDERS" ON SIDEWALK. ZUMA DOGG NEEDED SAFE ACCESS TO WALK DOWN TO GET HIS MEDS!!! (I WAS OVERLY-APPROACHED and ENCROACHED, BEYOND APPROACH! An UGLY attempt to deny a disabled citizen access down an open to the public sidewalk in the City of Los Angeles. A travesty of her majesty, the U.S. Constitution.

YouTube comment: Bro, how do you not keep from cracking up? Had me rolling!! - guerrillaflix (What do you MEAN, "keep from cracking up?" That was a serious situation and I was upset and fell down! Not trying to be funny? What you talkin' bout, Willis?)

ZUMA DOGG's YouTube page:

Check the right hand side of this blog for "LA City News HEADLINES" for previous posts and I'll be back after a few more karaoke songs with more PENSION FRAUD exposure blogging. (Not as pretty as ZD's REO Speedwagon karaoke voice.)

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