Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BREAKING: L.A. Releases List of 228 Medical Marijuana Collectives That Applied For The "Lottery"

(Feel LUCKY, Applicant? Well, Do YOU...APPLICANT?) The City f*cks up, so now they are trying to fix their mess with a "lottery." So now everyone can throw their name in the hat for a CHANCE to operate? Hmmm. Anyway, who cares WHAT the city does with their long will it take an already stretched way too thin city attorney's office to go over 228 application packets -- then figure out the rest of the details? (See you next year!) AND THAT'S JUST TO SELECT THE ONES THEY WILL ALLOW TO OPERATE. It takes about a year to shut down EVEN ONE COLLECTIVE...LOS AMSTERDAM AT NO RISK OF LOSING IT'S THROWN FOR QUITE SOME TIME...GET USED TO IT, NINA!

L.A. releases list of medical marijuana dispensaries vying for chance to operate

The Los Angeles City Clerk released a list of 228 medical marijuana collectives Wednesday that have applied to participate in a lottery to select 100 dispensaries to operate in the city.

The clerk’s office is still reviewing the information on the eight-page form and the supporting documents to ensure that the applicants meet the requirements in the city’s ordinance to qualify for the drawing. Among them, dispensaries must have paperwork that proves they were in business on Sept. 14, 2007, and have at least one of the original operators.

“This is likely to take us a while,” said Holly L. Wolcott, the clerk’s executive officer, noting the office’s limited staff and the complicated requirements in the ordinance. “I have no prediction as to when we will complete this process, but we are working diligently to review each packet.”

The lottery is the latest strategy devised by the City Council on the advice of the city attorney’s office to decide which dispensaries will be allowed to operate legally and to make it easier for the city’s lawyers and police to shut down hundreds of other dispensaries.


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