Friday, April 29, 2011

Non-Union, Un-Paid City Worker ZUMA DOGG Fixes L.A. City Union Workers Job, To Prevent A Dangerous Traffic Accident (You Worthless, Lazy Dummies!)

I have NOTHING buy SYMPATHY for all the city workers whose union representatives strong-armed the city into giving them a deal they knew L.A. couldn't afford -- after their pension investors lost BILLIONS and BILLIONS in FRAUDULENT pension deals. (They handed your retirement money to their cronies and now the city is BUST since the losses are covered out of the general fund. AND NOW SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN OUT OF WORK FOR OVER A YEAR...some are about to be furloughed.) AGAIN...nothing but crocodile tears when I see the level of lazy-ass work y'all do. This sign wasn't up TEN MINUTES before a mere gust of wind blew it down. It's a busy street, reduced to one lane (no left turn) on Friday, afternoon rush hour. So non-union, un-paid city worker ZUMA DOGG had to go out there and fix it.

BY THE WAY: Bill Rosendahl's Office: The traffic enforcement cop who drives vehicle # 01702 CONTINUES to DOUBLE-PARK her city vehicle, in the middle of the street, reducing traffic to one lane; causing/forcing cars to drive around her car -- when she is writing traffic tickets. THIS IS THE MOST SUPREME, LAZIEST MOVE I HAVE EVER SEEN OF A CITY WORKER. The worker is being PAID with a PENSION to do the job. But REFUSES to park the vehicle along the curb, cause that would require walking up to 50 feet. I have asked her not to do that. Her reply was, "I'm allowed to do whatever I want." (IS THAT SO MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA? IS THE TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT TICKET WRITER IN CAR # 01702 ALLOWED TO DO WHATEVER SHE double park and create a traffic hazard, to write a ticket?) I'll post THAT picture, too, next time.

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