Thursday, May 26, 2011

MEDIA PREVIEW: New claims Arnold Schwarzenegger used his security detail to hide sexual liaisons from wife (Attorney General Planning "Evaluation")

Oh no...just when the media dust cleared around the Santa Monica office of former Governor and former Hollywood Superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger (located in the path Zuma Dogg needs to take to get to "Groundworks Coffee" en la manana)...I have a feeling the Cirque De Sol Media is about to return. (PLEASE only send the adorable, friendly, female reporters!)

(From TMZ) - Arnold Faces an "Inquiry":

The Office of the Attorney General said they plan on conducting a preliminary evaluation of Schwarzenegger's sexual escapades, in which he allegedly used state-funded security details to cover up trysts with women in his hotel room. Arnold's people deny the charge and say it is "completely false." Read more:

New claims Arnold Schwarzenegger used his security detail to hide sexual liaisons from his wife


New allegations include that he used the police assigned to him when he served as Governor of California to cover up sexual liaisons from his now estranged wife Maria Shriver.

The accusation was made by William Taylor, a former security chief in the Hyatt hotel in Sacramento, the capital of California, where Mr Schwarzenegger, now 63, stayed while in office.

Mr Taylor told The National Enquirer that California Highway Patrol officers regularly took women to the former actor's suite.

"The women looked between 18 to 25 years old, blonde and scantily dressed in club wear," said Mr Taylor, who The National Enquirer claimed had undergone a polygraph lie detector test.

The women would usually stay from two to four hours and sometimes they would be driven away by the patrol officers, Mr Taylor said. The California Attorney General's office was reported to be considering a formal investigation.

The claims echo the "Troopergate" scandal that engulfed Bill Clinton when two Arkansas State Troopers claimed to have arranged sexual liaisons for the politician when he was Governor of that state.

Full Article from "The Australian"

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