Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zuma Dogg Coverage of Media Circus As Arnold Schwarzenegger Drives Away From Santa Monica Office

As if Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to walk out of his Santa Monica office, today, walk up to the media circus outside, including Access Hollywood, ABC7, CBS2, NBC 4, KTLA 5 and other media (like the German News and Fashion One Channel that interviewed Zuma Dogg for local analysis and quotes from Arnold via ZD's impressions), and say, "Yes, it's true, I've been a very bad husband; a very bad parent, a very bad father, a very bad governor and now I'm going to go back to being a very bad Hollywood actor." ZD doesn't think so.co Here's Zuma Dogg's coverage of the scenario.

SCHWARZENEGGER BROKE THE LAW UPON HIS DEPARTURE: His vehicle drove around the cars in the lane, as he crossed the double yellow line. Even Lindsday Lohan doesn't do THAT!

Notice, EVEN THOUGH Arnold KNEW he was driving into a media frenzy, HE STILL HAD HIS CAR WINDOW OPEN! If he wanted to avoid the camera, he could have kept the window rolled up. Don't you agree?


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