Tuesday, June 21, 2011

California Controller halts pay for state lawmakers, saying budget was not balanced & Villaraiogsa THINKS His Budget Team Balanced Budget (LOL!)

FIRST OF ALL, Zuma Dogg has never BEEN political. I discuss MUNICIPAL issues and have never gotten into the politics and party of it. BUT, after the nutty, cry-baby/loser non-sense from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (of LOSERS), I started thinking about it, and realized, the L.A. County Democratic Party IS the problem. Look who's been in control and look how the city and state is broke, services affecting public safety and quality of life being cut, businesses are on the high-speed rail train to TEXAS, you lost BILLIONS in pension money via fraud schemes, don't have enough petty cash to cover your own corruption -- AND THE FBI IS IN TOWN FROM WASHINGTON, DC AND INSIDE L.A. CITY HALL TO PULL THE PLUG ON YOUR INSANITY...OH, HELL YEAH, IT'S THE L.A. COUNTY DEMOCRATS...AND YOU JUST WOKE ZUMA DOGG UP TO THAT PLAIN AND SIMPLE FACT! So, I'll be sure to link and expose this theory. (Villaraigosa, Wesson, Molina, Alatorre, Garcetti, Hahn, AlarCON...YOU do the red ink, fraud, waste and abuse math.):

HERE'S WHAT STARTED IT: L.A. County Democrapic Party (of Losers) Sends Letter "DEMANDING APOLOGY" for Janice Hahn Hip Hop Video (You Crybaby Losers Have OUTDONE Yourselves.)


Zuma Tweets

  • VILLARAIOGSA SENILE!: "Meeting my budget team to thank them for their hard work writing a balanced budget." (AV, hate to break it to you...) less than a minute ago
  • Now, the WHOLE WORLD knows California doesn't have a balanced budget & lawmakers are clowns. You can NEVER base pay on rushing/getting done. 5 minutes ago
  • Controller John Chiang decides CA lawmakers didn't meet their constitutional duties in passing a state budget and will withhold their pay. 13 minutes ago
  • #BREAKING: California Controller John Chiang halts pay for state lawmakers, saying budget was not balanced. (Should Brown's be halted, too?) 13 minutes ago
  • MAIN point to the new ZD readers: I've never hammered L.A. Democrats on POLITICS/PARTY, just municipal performance. NOW, I'm gonna link 'em! 16 minutes ago
  • FYI: ALWAYS been independent/don't relate to Dem or Repub nutty/personal politics. But saying, "ZD=Indie" doesn't tweak Dems. REPUB=RUBS IN! 22 minutes ago
  • RT @angelfleming: 1 election cycle & ZD will leave nutless republican party to be independent. (Not really Repub, just tweaking City Hall!) 26 minutes ago
  • City Hall Democrats have been LUCKY! ZD's never BEEN political. But, NOW I am cause you had DEMOCRAPIC PARTY LAWYERS jump in, on Hahn video. 29 minutes ago
  • L.A. Democrats want to "get political" w/ZD? I LIKE that Hahn rap video. Was about HER, not Democrap party. If Bowen was running=NO VIDEO. 31 minutes ago
  • RT @mayorsam: @MyMoonShadow @zumadogg is a civic treasure. (Awe yeah! You KNOW that's my favorite quote, y'all! Quit making me happy!) about an hour ago
  • If my parents send me to school without knowing the language books are being taught in, I WOULD BE SO FURIOUS, I WOULD PROBABLY DROP OUT! about an hour ago
  • I'd like to hear LA Democratic elected official say, "Shame on parents for sending their kids to LAUSD w/out knowing the language taught." about an hour ago
  • L.A. County Democrapic Party (of Losers) Sends Letter "DEMANDING APOLOGY" for Janice Hahn Hip… http://goo.gl/fb/1esph about an hour ago
  • RT @MyMoonShadow: @mayorsam do you follow @zumadogg? Love him! (I don't know, @mayorsam, ever hear of "Zuma Dogg?" Please follow! ;-) about an hour ago
  • Democrats have had VAST majority in L.A.: City is broke, services cut, biz left, immeasurable waste and now FBI is pulling plug. GOOD JOB! about an hour ago
  • I DON'T KNOW WHY I NEVER SAW IT: L.A. Democrats ARE the problem. They CREATED economic crisis. They are too greedy, corrupt AND dumb on top! about an hour ago
  • "There are HUGE pots of money to be taken off the table. Here's how..." CA ASSemblyman Kevin DeLeon at a meeting he didn't know ZD was at. about an hour ago
  • RT @jillwklausen:"A Democrat taking hands-on role in politics cause of how our economy has been destroyed." (Who do you think DESTROYED it?) about an hour ago
  • RT @jillwklausen: You mock ZD, but I see U spend all your time tweeting how you hate Keith Olberman. Is that a "Hands On" role in politics? about 2 hours ago
  • REMEMBER PEOPLE: If you disagree with an L.A. County Democrat, there can ONLY be one reason...CLEARLY, you are racist. Didn't you know that? about 2 hours ago
  • L.A. County Democrats have done a GREAT job! Villar, Garcetti, Hahn, Molina, Alatorre, YaroslobskyAlarcon: L.A. is broke and FBI is all over your ass.. about 2 hours ago
  • L.A.DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Commit voter fraud to get mafia criminals elected and collude to pilfer money and give it to illegals and criminals. about 2 hours ago
  • Is there ANY elected official in LA County Democratic party who's NOT connected to the Mafiosa Organized Crime Ring? I don't think there is? about 2 hours ago
  • LOS ANGELES DEMOCRATS: Cater to the weakest, dumbest, highest crime committing, illegal behaving, dumb, greedy, illiterate economy drainers. about 2 hours ago
  • THE LA. DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Fighting for lowest-income, lowest-education, highest-crime committing, DESTROYED LA. MORONS! JANICE HAHN's party! about 2 hours ago
  • AFTER THE LETTER I JUST READ FROM THE CRYBABY PUSSY L.A. COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Zuma Dogg, as of today, declares himself a Republican. about 2 hours ago
  • It's OFFICIAL: Based on letter I just read from LA County Democrapic Party (re: Hahn) YOU'RE BIGGEST BUNCH OF CRYBABY LOSERS IN HISTORY! about 2 hours ago

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