Monday, June 20, 2011

SUPER-MEGA POST for 6/20/11: FBI Questions L.A. Kingpin, Janice Hahn "Hacking Boo-boo?," Watch Villar/Meet The Press Video & LAANE To Be EXPOSED!!!

[PICTURED: MADELINE JANIS on the "boo hoo hoo" trail now that over 50 public record requests have been taken out over LAANE. GONNA GET UBER-UGLY! "Madge-Jan" is as evil, hostile, vindictive and overly-defensive as they come. WHY ISN'T SHE RUNNING FOR MAYOR OR L.A. CITY COUNCIL?]

Record levels of content posted and record levels of viewership at L.A. City for Monday, June 20, 2011. Last night (Sunday), had SUPER RECORD LEVELS OF VIEWERSHIP on the ZUMA DOGG EXCLUSIVE on Janice Hahn's possible Federal Campaign Violation. Read about that, plus everything else that I spent my entire weekend posting about. (These videos/radio shows and blog posts don't magically write, produce and post theyselves, y'all.)

AND CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PAYPAL ME A LOT OF MONEY. CAUSE I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY -- AND I SURE DID BURN MYSELF OUT BLOGGING UP THIS POLITICAL STORM. I suffer from bipolar rage, that does not allow me to stop and I'm full throttle and off the rails of the crazy train. This whole process of researching, typing, producing, editing, posting, linking and then fixing errors BURNS ME OUT...BUT I CAN'T STOP...PLEASE HELP SUPPORT IT SO I CAN JUST KEEP DOING IT, BUT NOT KEEP PUTTIN MYSELF AT RISK. (CAUSE I here are the donuts...I gotta go to sleep to help put out this burning fire.)

NEW: LA Times reports that a Sacramento-based opposition research firm has made over 50 public records requests for documents relating to LAANE's relationship with local elected officials (ZD POST). OH, this is gonna be GOOD! You activists that like a good Jerry Springer fight are gonna LOVE this one! And Jan Perry is gonna LOVE Zuma Dogg, again, on this one "truce" issue. Now LAANE's adorable little thug Madeline Janice (with her own Diva nickname, "Madge-Jan") is whining and sobbing that her LAANE is gonna need SO MUCH MONEY to help combat all these factual distortions and twistings of the truth. OH NO??? HELL YEAH!!! TRUST ZUMA DOGG...THIS IS THE SHADIEST, CORRUPT, BULLSH*T THAT YOU HAVEN'T HEARD MUCH ABOUT, YET. But thanks to Zuma Dogg's new best friend, the opposition research company based out of Sacramento, YOU ARE GOING TO HEAR PLENTY. AND SO WILL FEDERAL AUTHORITIES. (Put THIS one on the radar, where it belongs.)

  • #ZUMADOGG on LAANE since City Maven tipped me to MadgeJan's whining: Sactown opposition research firm about to CLOBBER! about a minute ago
  • HEY MADGE-JAN of L.A.'s LAANE: NO need to worry! Nothing to hide, right? All false allegations? As kosher as NY deli pickle, right? (TOAST!) 5 minutes ago
  • Based on what #ZumaDogg knows about/has blogged about (shady) LAANE, if opposition firm is on their ass...Madge & Cronies better flee town! 7 minutes ago
  • Sacramento opposition research firm requests 50+ public record requests for calendars/financial docs/info on LAANE interaction w/electeds. 13 minutes ago
JANICE "CON" HAHN: Here's the ZD exclusive interview with FilmLadd, who produced the Anti-Janice Hahn rap video, with his details on why he believes there may have been a SERIOUS Hahn violation, if the FBI substantiates his preliminary belief on this matter:

Thanks to KFI's John & Ken for picking up on this story and having FilmLadd on their show, Monday, to give a million times more exposure to this issue of national safety. (Janice Hahn's mouth and mind being elected to Congress.)


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