Friday, June 3, 2011

FBI, Eric Holder, Obama Justice Department, Federal Grand Jury: Details on MORE Alleged CORRUPTION Under Villaraiogsa's City Hall (Pensions, Housing)

[PICTURED: The municipality that violated my 1st Amendment rights, for years, lost in Federal Court...BUT STILL WANT TO KEEP ME AROUND -- UNSETTLED AND A POLITICAL BLOGGER. So let's get political...]

To: FBI, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Federal Grand Jury Empaneled in Los Angeles

Fr: L.A. City News (It's's called, "L.A. City News!")

Re: Additional "BIG FISH" Corruption Under Antonio Villaraigosa's L.A. City Hall (This guy can't win with his commissioner appointments.)

Dt: EVERY F*CKING DAY...DAY IN AND DAY OUT...Including, today, 6/3/11

Dear Federal Investigators,

I have a feeling, based on investigations launched by Andrew Cuomo (when he was NY AG), and investigations launched by SEC/Feds into CalPERS, you are not unfamiliar with this blog.

And perhaps a post, or two, has triggered some of what is being investigated. But, just in case...since y'all are knocking yourself out, at this point, to pull the plug on @Villaraiogsa's City Hall administration, here are some things to check out, that may even end up being the BIGGEST FISH:

LACERS (L.A. City Employees Retirement System): And that system, is one of organized racketeering that resulted in BILLIONS lost during the Wall Street crash in '08/'09, when the pension fund lost -20% of it's value (even though they projected/expected/planned for a +8% INCREASE. DOH! Their bad!) Only to have it announced during the L.A. City Council meeting by LACERS that the billions (up to $7 billion) was lost in "overly-risky, non-investment grade Wall Street and real estate investments (at the peak of real estate bubble); most notably the Henry Cisneros L.A. City Workforce Housing. With the panel, testifying before council, on the record, adding, "the problem is the mayor's pension-packing power." (The mayor stacks the deck with four appointments. Every vote can go in their favor.)

And when you read these posts, especially the Cuomo Report that details how the corruption went down in New York State, keep in mind, the people busted by Cuomo were from and operating out of Los Angeles. Many of these people and their cronies were appointed by Villaraigosa to the LACERS and CRA commissions. Where pension money was funneled into the CRA and other projects by the commissioners he appointed.

Capital Equity firms backed Villaragiosa for mayor, then he appoints the people who work at these firms to the pension and other boards as commissioners. Many of them have stepped down under controversy or have been arrested and are currently in prison. It's a pretty small circle. A RING, if you will. And away we go:

On American Top 40, I'm Kasey Casem. And now, we're up to the top blog posts by Zuma Dogg, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa hopes he doesn't re-post, just when the city is crawlin' with Feds on the hunt for his elevator-shoe wearin' chump-ass...On American Top 40, I'm Kasey Casem.

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ONE MORE ON PENSIONS (A lot of names/dots that sure do connect):
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Detailed script of allegations surrounding corruption and conflicts at Los Angeles Housing Department (based on post above.)

A'ight, my FEDDIES...that should do it for now...I'm SURE as soon as I post this, I'll remember another one I wish I included. (If so, won't hesitate to follow up with "Pt 2," so set your Google Search Alert for "Zuma Dogg." (Might get some nutty stuff mixed in, too. So maybe, "Zuma-Dogg Villaraigosa." (That way you'll filter out the nutty stuff.) And if you need me, my cell phone is out of minutes, so either leave a voice mail, or walk up and down the Venice Boardwalk and yell, "Hoody Hoooooooooooo!!!! Hoooody Hooooooooooooooooooo!," and I'll show up. (It's the ZD "Batsignal.")

Alright...hope I ruined a bunch of shady/corrupt/cowardly/fear-based/nowhere to run, nowhere to hide/losers' weekend! - ZD

MORE ON ZUMA DOGG: L.A. City Councilmembers and Local Media Weigh In With Comments About L.A.'s Local Phenomenon, "Zuma Dogg"

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