Monday, June 27, 2011

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MONDAY 6/27 UPDATE: Here are the most read posts for today, for those who want content. Did a re-tweet of the PENSION FRAUD posts by ZD, since there is a FED ERAL investigation into California Pensions -- and there are a lot of new readers to this blog, and I say this is the BIGGEST crime in municipal history, and is the cause of losing BILLIONS and the reason we are suffering this budget crisis and services reductions. THESE are the posts Villaraigosa and Corrupt City Officials/cronies don't want you to read. Not the whiny, crybaby, small issue, NUTTY STUFF these Neighborhood Council wackos and bloggers and one talk show host who kisses their ass, cause he's running for mayor is complainin' about. Silly-heart, naive FOOLS! BIG BOYS AND GIRLS...HERE'S WHAT MATTERED:

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