Wednesday, June 1, 2011

L.A. City News for 6/1/11 [Recent Tweets, Blog Posts and New L.A. City News Video by Zuma Dogg for Today]


ZD TWEETS (6/1/11 - 12pm Updated):
  • @villaraigosa: At Leadership in Entertainment & Media Arts HS. (You shouldn't be allowed @ ANY event with word, "Leadership," you chump-ass. 2 minutes ago
  • @villaraigosa: "Exploring new partnerships to help turn our schools around!" (Bro, have you NOT been trying, up till now, Loser? F*CK OFF! 4 minutes ago
  • DOH!, to "buy and holders" who ignore ZD's Wall St tweets: Dow down 250+ points. Moody's Greece downgrade adds concern about U.S. economy. 28 minutes ago
  • At least ZD isn't homesick for Cleveland. JUNE 1st in L.A.? Feels more like Ohio in October. Hey Fritz Coleman, get your stuff together! 30 minutes ago
  • Why would you go hear Zev/Wendy/Zine (LA's elected) on what's NEXT for city in budget crisis? They were wrong all along, then lied about it. 41 minutes ago
  • DOT, Gold Card, Planning, Housing, Building/Safety, Pensions: It's not like EVERY city dept is under FBI investigation. Give Villar a break! 55 minutes ago
  • Zuma Music Radio - L.A.'s Greatest Hits of the 70's & 80's, now streaming at (See link) about an hour ago
  • Thank you to FBI for heeding Zuma Dogg's calls to investigate City Hall during my relentless public comments, requesting as such. IT'S HERE! about 2 hours ago
  • Has the FBI ever INVESTIGATED a llocal municipality, before? There are multiple investigations into L.A. City Hall. Villaragiosa=SUCCESSFUL! about 2 hours ago
  • What do you mean @Villaraigosa=UNSUCCESSFUL? He increased funding for "Subway to Sea" and on way to becoming greenest BIG city by 2020! :-) about 11 hours ago
  • Since L.A. Times didn't publish the 9 page memo from Bud Ovrom to Villar on FBI probe, if you DO HAVE IT, email it to about 12 hours ago
  • VIDEO: Zuma Dogg - L.A. City News 6PM News for 5/31/11: (From about 19 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg's L.A. City News RADIO UPDATE for today, posted at (Everyone has facebook, now!) Fun update of news. about 19 hours ago
  • @Villaraigosa threw Greuel under bus. Garcetti took too many jabs at mayor as excuses.Sorry, Jan. Douchetonio will endorse @AustinBeutner. about 20 hours ago
  • It will be a soft/quiet one (cause it's more of a liability, at this point, but @Villaraigosa WILL ENDORSE @AustinBeutner for LA Mayor. Ace! about 20 hours ago
  • NBC PILING ON: First, LA Dept of Transportation. Now Bldg & Safety. Allegations of corruption/misbehavior. Who's next? about 22 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg Political Strategy Advice For AUSTIN BEUTNER (Based on his comments in Los Angeles Times) Plus, LA City News - about 22 hours ago

Los Angeles Building and Safety Employees: If You Have The Nine-Page Memo from Bud "Unwiser" Ovrom -- SEND IT TO ZUMA DOGG (See Email Address, Here!)

Zuma Dogg Political Strategy Advice For AUSTIN BEUTNER (Based on his comments in Los Angeles Times) PLUS: L.A. City News Tweets for 5/31/11

CONFIDENTIAL VILLARAIOGSA MEMO LEAKS: FBI seeks wider probe of Los Angeles building department (How CLOSE To The Mayor Will This Touch?)

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