Monday, July 11, 2011

Janice Hahn's Political Consultant John Shalman Is A SCHMUCK and a LOSER! (Vote for CRAIG HUEY on TUESDAY) - Find Your Polling Location Here

Find your polling location for TUESDAY'S ELECTION (July 12, 2011) and go to the polls and vote for Craig Huey. It's all been said. I feel preventing Janice Hahn from a national congressional position is a matter of public safety and national security -- and Craig Huey is a smart, independent, small business, community leader, who has been forced to navigate the over-regulations forced upon the economy by people like Janice Hahn. Plus, besides her being a dumb, naive, no-plan, empty-exhortation, Santa Clause list reading, FOOL -- she's a corrupt DINGBAT with VERY POOR judgement, if you saw the Fox 11 News report by Emmy Winning reporter Chris Blatchford which details her role in some insane plan to give money to gangsters, who ended up doing a bunch of violent crimes, only to claim they were on Janice Hahn's payroll. It's in the video on this link: Janice Hahn vs Craig Huey MASTER BLOG POST for THIS TUESDAY'S 36th Congressional Election (July 12, 2011),
along with everything else that should scare the shit into you to get out to the polls and vote for "NOT Janice Hahn." In this case, a decent, smart, successful, business operator, who isn't a career politician and didn't hire political muckraking. desperate, scumbag, lying sacks of crap, like that pencil-neck nerd, JOHN SHALLMAN. HEY JANICE, HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY THIS SCHMUCK TO RUN YOUR STELLAR CAMPAIGN, WITH HIS "TOP SHELF" ADVICE? HEY JANICE, DID YOU KNOW THE "HAHN" NAME IS NOW TARNISHED, FOREVER, CAUSE YOU EXERCISED POOR JUDGEMENT IN WHO YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH -- AND HOW LOW AND DESPICABLE YOU ARE WILLING TO GO, YOU ANNOYING, DUMB, CORRUPT, TALK-THROUGH-YOUR-ANNOYING-NOSE, ANNOYING LOSER!


JANICE HAHN CONTINUES TO SINK EVEN LOWER: WWII Veteran Louis Zamperini Blasts Janice Hahn for Misusing WWII POW's Photo and Implying Endorsement: A last minute mailer from Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn in the campaign for the 36th congressional district has drawn a stinging rebuke from a representative for 93 year old World War II POW Louis Zamperini of Torrance. The mailer used photos from Zamperini's recent book and website and implied an endorsement from Zamperini, in spite of the fact that Hahn had been warned in advance not to use the photos or embroil the WWII hero in her political campaign.

"The Hahn campaign has been told repeatedly, both verbally and via email, that Louis Zamperini does not wish to endorse Janice Hahn's campaign for Congress, and does not approve the use of Mr. Zamperini's name or likeness," said John Naber, Assistant to Mr. Zamperini. "The Hahn campaign did not have permission from Mr. Zamperini for the recent mailing using photos from his book and website."

Hahn had requested an endorsement from Louis Zamperini and was told that he does not endorse political candidates and does not authorize candidates to use his photo in their campaigns.

"This is typical, despicable, Janice Hahn dirty tricks, trying to fool voters at the last minute. She has proven time and time again that she will do anything to advance her political career, whether it is lying about whoever she is running against or taking advantage of a 93 year old WW II POW and American hero."

VOTE FOR CRAIG HUEY, TODAY - JULY 12, 2011 and defeat this despicable, heinous career politician operating under the guise of a decent human being, named Janice Hahn.


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