Thursday, July 7, 2011

Janice Hahn vs Craig Huey MASTER BLOG POST for THIS TUESDAY'S 36th Congressional Election (July 12, 2011)

[PICTURED: She's GOOGLY-EYED IMAGINING ALL THIS, FOR HER! (HE can't run for anything! She uses him as leapfrog, and he'll be glad to have a congressional crony at higher funneling level since he's peaked!]

POLL LOCATOR TO VOTE FOR CRAIG HUEY this TUESDAY, July 12th: EZ/Best Way To Find Your Location. Email, Retweet and post link in your facebook for anyone in this HUGE COASTAL area to vote "No on 'Con' Hahn!"

THIS WEEK'S NEWS CYCLE: And not a good one for Janice Hahn. It's probably already OVER.

Zuma Dogg Robo-Call for Tuesday, July 12, 2011 36th Congressional Election (Janice Hahn vs Vote For The Other Name on the Ballot) - EXTENDED
length: 1 Minutes 45 Seconds (1 minute version, here.)

JANICE HAHN TELLS BOLDFACE LIE Regarding Her Career and Being "Career Politician" on LIVE Radio Debate vs Craig Huey (Hear Audio Here!)

FULL AUDIO: Janice "CON" Hahn and Craig "Successful Business Leader" Craig Huey on KPCC 89.3 FM (LISTEN HERE!)

NEW VIDEO: Fox 11 News SLAYS Janice Hahn and her chances in July 12, 2011 36th Congrerssional Election (DEMOCRATS NEED TO LEARN ABOUT JANICE HAHN!)

TRANSCRIPT: Gang Intervention Money Controversy Not Over Yet.

RON KAYE BLOG POST on "Janice Hahn & The Gangsters: Pt 2" (Based on NEW Fox-11 Follow Up Report on Janice "Con" Hahn)

Song About Janice Hahn 36th Congress Election: AC/ZD - "For Those About To Vote (Don't Be Stupid)" - LYRICS

JANICE HAHN 36th Congressional BLOG POSTS - $1.25 Million from Lobbyists, Contractors, Developers, Lawyers, Unions

COPY & PASTE THIS BLOG POST INTO YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT AND RE-TWEET: " Janice Hahn vs Craig Huey MASTER BLOG POST for THIS TUESDAY'S 36th Congressional Election. (RT!) " [copy & paste "bold text"]


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