Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NOT An Apology, But "Clarification" on Zuma Dogg's Feelings vs LAPD/City Attorney/City Council: IT'S CITY ATTORNEY & GARCETTI'S CITY COUNIL'S FAULT!

The tweets say it all, but overall, I've been pretty hard on LAPD, and will unfortunately continue to be, when necessary -- but I do want to acknowledge that I, once again, remember -- LAPD is at the mercy of the dumb, moron Trutanich, and his vindictive, hostile, over-stepping, and more importantly -- continuously erroneous legislation, that is too slow on top of it. And I SEE WHY, today, L.A. Council asked for a report on how they can hire their own attorneys, separate from TEAM TRUTANICH, since they complain he's too slow -- and even worse, is using his position for political advocacy. (See tweets.) PLUS, we all know what a bunch of shady, corrupt, dumb, spineless, coward-morons Eric Garcetti & L.A. City Council is. And LAPD is at their mercy, too. SO A LOT OF THE PROBLEMS BETWEEN ZUMA DOGG & LAPD @ VENICE BEACH BOARDWALK, is mainly due to the fact that L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is not only too slow to get shit done, but then it's done erroneously. And his hostile, vindictive advocacy -- and dumb shit like not vetting new Venice rules draft past Zuma Dogg -- and failing to settle -- while his new rules are RIDDLED w/problems, already -- so Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd are already preparing the next lawsuit, in between my tweets. AND THE REASON COUNCIL CAN'T GET DONE WHAT THEY NEED DONE OUT OF THE CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE, IS BECAUSE HE DOES STUFF LIKE, HIRES NEW ATTORNEYS -- AND TIES UP HIS WHOLE DEPARTMENT -- CONTINUING TO TIE UP ZUMA DOGG'S SETTLEMENT -- AND DOING ALL THESE THINGS WITH THE ORDINANCE TO TRY AND GET AROUND ME...AND IT IS ONLY COSTING THE CITY A TON OF MONEY IN STAFF HOURS ($$$) -- AND ADDED COST, because now I have a $750 an hour attorney on the matter -- AND, the settlement figure is going to cost them a HELL of a lot more, now. AND, I am going to sue on the next suit, since I haven't been contacted for a settlement or talks on this new 42.15 Venice Ordinance.

SO POINT IS: Sorry it's been combative, out there on the boardwalk and on ZD's blog...you do have some vindictive a-holes in the department that unfortunately causes me to focus on THAT aspect...but I want everyone to know, and LAPD to know, I feel sorry for you guys and gals, for the same reason I have been frustrated and had a nervous breakdown and am now on disability and can barely function to save my life: IT'S THAT DUMB ASSHOLE TRUTANICH AND THAT SPINELESS COWARD ERIC GARCETTI & HIS UNANIMOUS APPROVAL MORON SQUAD. Those pussies don't put their asses on the line, every day...and they couldn't hold a conversation with ZD the way a whole bunch of really well-trained cops did, yesterday. CAN'T YOU ARREST THEM FOR NEGLIGENCE AND OVERALL THREAT TO PUBLIC SAFETY? (NO A PERSON IN THE U.S. WOULD SECOND GUESS OR COMPLAIN!) If you do that, I'll let the parking lot sign, still parked in the middle of the street on Rose & Speedway slide. ;)

  • #LAPD: ZUMA'S BACK, BABY! Started as gadfly supporting your dept vs council & loser shitty attorney. After yesterday, I remember: IT'S THEM! 2 minutes ago
  • PLUS A FEW VINDICTIVE/BAD COPS: But, I now feel it's L.A. Attorney Office causing ZD conflicts w/LAPD @Venice over constant attorney errors. 4 minutes ago
  • Always been vindictive "Get Zuma" vibe @/Council. Assumed LAPD was same. But they DO NOT feel same way about ZD=DIG what I do @ CityHall. :) 7 minutes ago
  • I admit, it's a constant issue, bouncing around my head, all day & night. People say, THIS, http://t.co/jlvBdbG, but ZD can't sustain life. 19 minutes ago
  • It doesn't matter if countless 1000's have told you, you're their favorite thing, ever, if that's all it amounts to/no paid gig to sustain. 20 minutes ago
  • But my family has always said ZD stuff was worthless waste of time/will never have paid career. Have to admit they are right, at this point. 21 minutes ago
  • Don't feel bad, Sarge: You know I like, you, too, as a person who happens to be doing cop's job. But you're her boss, so wanted to mention. 32 minutes ago
  • #LAPD/GRANT/REINA: I bitch about cops, a lot. Wanna mention REALLY LIKED #REYES. She's nice person, first, who happens to be doing cop job! 33 minutes ago
  • ZD SENT BLOG POSTS TO CUOMO, FIRST: AG ANDREW CUOMO busted L.A.'s Weinstein/Schiff/Ramirez, Jr./Broidy for PENSION FRAUD. Villabobos, NEXT! 37 minutes ago
  • I SCREAMED @Council meetings on TV, "City Hall is money-laundering, racketeering factory," and CONTACTED FBI/Holder's Office. IT WORKED! 41 minutes ago
  • ZD HAMMERED Alarcon for corrupt funneling of money into Children's Museum. ZD said city would LOSE the money/no museum. Guess what happened? 45 minutes ago
  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ZD & EVERY OTHER BLOGGER: ZD saw corruption at LAHD/Rent Escrow and DID something about it. NOW, FBI is investigating. 49 minutes ago
  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ZD/EVERYONE ELSE IN LA: ZD warned day after day on TV, LA pension $ was at risk & a crash would cause bankrupting losses. 51 minutes ago
  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ZD & every OTHER lazy, hot-air blogger. ZD INSTIGATES FBI investigation, then they fail to report it once it's happening. about an hour ago
  • For all your Neighborhood Council silliness, ZD, ALONE, caused LAPD to allow amps, abolish fees/lottery & get rid of ALL FOOD VENDING CARTS! about an hour ago
  • NEIGHBORHOOD COUNICLOSERS/CLEAN SLEEPERS: ZD didn't like illegal food carts all over Venice. If u want to see them, now, check LAPD impound. about an hour ago
  • VENICE 42.15=NO JOKE: Whatever NUTTY issue you're fighting, don't add to to SQUAT compared to region's top attraction & resources allocated. about an hour ago
  • Just damaged my computer reading story on Council asking to hire their own attorneys cause they think NUCH sucks. DID SPIT TAKE INTO KEYPAD! about an hour ago
  • DOWD/DOGG @Venice, Medijuana Collectives, Hollywood Superheros, etc. AND TOO SLOW ON TOP OF BEING BAD! L.A. Council NOT HAPPY w/#Trutanich! about an hour ago
  • TOLD YOU #TRUTANICH WAS VINDICTIVE-DICK!: Council accuses his office of crossing line from legal advice into engaging in political advocacy. about an hour ago
  • TRULOSERTANICH: Posing a direct challenge to Carmen Trutanich, LA Council voted unanimously to seek other ways of obtaining legal counsel. about an hour ago
  • I guess L.A. Council figures if DOWD/DOGG kicks #Trutanich ass VERY BADLY in FEDERAL COURT w/NO ATTORNEY, COUNCIL NEEDS A REAL, NEW ONE! LOL about an hour ago
  • Even L.A. City Council thinks #Trutanich is doing a CRAP-ASS job. want to use OTHER lawyers than Trutanich the Asshole-Mistake-Making-Loser! about an hour ago
  • ZD SLAMS monkey-brained, vindictive LAPD cops. So, want to accentuate a positive. Reyes is a great example of what ZD likes in a cop/person. about an hour ago
  • SINCE DICKTANICH chose to create new draft, w/out ZD input; rather than helping you fix errors, you will now have a FED Judge fix, FOR YOU! about an hour ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl, #LAPD: We ALL want good Venice rules. But Dowd/Dogg found more problems w/new ones. LA Attorney is inept. Should've settled. about 2 hours ago
  • #LAPD: Really sorry. We BOTH want an ordinance to rid illegal Venice vending. But City Attorney FUCKED up w/mistakes, again. ZD will block. about 2 hours ago
  • You would LOVE to see ZD sit here and scan the net, do my investigations and calls and update blog w/exclusive info you don't get elsewhere. about 3 hours ago
  • It's actually harder for me to NOT blog/update everyone on inside LA City News, as I have for years. But I ain't rewarding others, anymore. about 3 hours ago
  • Might have to stop biking to Malibu & other bipolar fueled events on little sleep/no food. Pushed hard for YEARS, but I guess party is over. about 15 hours ago
  • I gotta stop tweeting about how city is trying to pass new ordinance under my nose, when I'm the guy who sees the flaws & has LIVE FED suit. about 15 hours ago
  • City attorney office is so tangled/disorganized. Is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to complete legal ordinance. That's why you should have settled w/ZD. about 15 hours ago
  • I ASSUMED LA Attorney violates Constitution, flagrantly, on purpose/tries to get away w/it @Venice. I just realized, they may not be aware. about 15 hours ago
  • MESSAGE ON NEW VENICE BOARDWALK RULES: Don't buy hype. Rules are a violation of U.S.Constitution & the guy they didn't settle w/KNOWS THAT! about 15 hours ago
  • 42.15: Trutanich failed to contact me on draft. I see MAJOR flaws & will sue since he's dissing me. Sorry LAPD. I know you'd like new rules. about 16 hours ago
  • #LAPD: I KNOW you wanna rid beach of illegal vending, but #Trutanich keeps BLOWING it for you. He BLEW it w/ZD, and his 42.15 is flawed. :( about 16 hours ago
  • #LAPD: Ain't it too bad L.A. failed to consult/settle w/Zuma Dogg on new Venice rules when I'm the only one who knows how to expose flaws. about 16 hours ago
  • Met some good, quality LAPD folks, tonight. Makes me feel better seeing a GOOD side! (Guess it's just those shady beach cop-losers!) ;-) about 17 hours ago

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