Thursday, July 7, 2011

RON KAYE BLOG POST on "Janice Hahn & The Gangsters: Pt 2" (Based on NEW Fox-11 Follow Up Report on Janice "Con" Hahn)

With the 36th Congressional Special Run-Off election, NEXT WEEK, July 12th -- I wanted to re-post this story from as a matter of public safety, to help alert and warn the masses of a dangerous threat to public safety that is running rampant on the loose...the mind and mouth of Janice Hahn. IF YOU CANNOT BRING YOURSELF TO VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN, CAUSE YOU ONLY VOTE AS A SINGLE PARTY, BRAINLESS MORON, NO MATTER WHO IS RUNNING AS A DEMOCRAT...THEN JUST STAY HOME. You do not want to vote for Janice Hahn if you believe you are ever to be judged for your actions by a higher power at some point. (It's the FIRST thing I would throw in your face! "But didn't you vote for Janice Hahn, one July 12, 2011? ENTRANCE DENIED, Y'ALL!)

Janice and the Gangsters: Part Two

A word of advice to Congresswoman-to-be Janice Hahn -- assuming she doesn't blow next Tuesday's election -- stick to being sweet, charming and ditzy, and get a new lawyer.

When Fox News reporter Chris Blatchford circled around looking for an update to his three-year-old report on how cozy the Councilwoman was with violent gang members, getting them jobs in intervention programs and helping them get out of legal problems, Hahn made it easy.

She refused to talk and had her lawyer send a letter to Fox News 11 demanding the station "cease and desist" from pursuing the story. Doesn't she know Rupert Murdoch is the most ruthless journalist in history and how his news organizations have gone to such extraordinary lengths like hacking politician and celebrity emails and electronic eavesdropping?

The letter from attorney Stephen Kaufman -- treasurer to virtually every campaign by City Hall insiders -- gave Blatchford the opening to stick another finger in Hahn's gang-loving eye last night.

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