Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Zuma Dogg - "Breakin' The Law On The Boardwalk" (About L.A. City Hall and Venice Beach) Political HARD ROCKER!

The City of Los Angeles BROKE U.S. FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, to crack down on my performing, T shirt and DVD offerings at Venice Beach. And it's not just MY opinion, but the opinion of the FEDERAL JUDGE who found it such a severe and blatant violation, he ordered an immediate injunction! RULES OVER TURNED!

This is the first song from my, "You're Welcome, America" album, since the ruling has NATIONAL impact, ACROSS the U.S., for any other shady, ignorant and corrupt municipal body, that is trying to pull the same stuff.

(So,) On American Top 40, I'm Casey's legendary, Los Angeles political and cultural icon, Zuma Dogg, with an auto-biographical political hard rocker, "Breakin' The Law On The Boardwalk." But the one's breaking the law, were City Hall. Imagine that? On America Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem. (Cue jingle):

"Breakin' The Law On The Boardwalk"
[Karaoke lyrics]

Look around, you see it in the street.

You're gonna have to pay for the permit, please.

The city is on fire, but the mayor gets his desire.

You woke up every day, and drove so far away. Cause you knew about a place, where there's hope.

But the city isn't pretty, so it turned into a pity, when they took you for a ride, breaking laws, you knew were shitty.

You broke the law on the boardwalk, mayor. You scam didn't pan on the boardwalk.

Now, it's anything goes, on the boardwalk, man.

And, boy, I tried to tell ya.

So now, a judge can tell ya.

copyright 2011 - Zuma Dogg All Rights Reserved

DOWNLOAD the MP3 of "Breakin' The Law on The Boardwalk," HERE.

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More on Zuma Dogg and the five (going on six, and it WILL be SIX!) year battle vs L.A. City Hall.

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