Thursday, August 11, 2011

GRAMMY ALERT: Six (6) Songs from L.A. Political Folk Legend, Zuma Dogg (For Your Consideration) EZ-STREAM PLAYER, HERE!

[PICTURED: These songs ain't no silly, made up jibber-jabber. They're based on REAL things. Here's the picture, this song is about. (See ZD surrounded by LAPD.) AND, the breaking the law part isn't me. It's L.A. CITY! They LOST to ZD in Federal Court, which made it illegal!]

Zuma Dogg is on a Grammy-writing contender, roll...y'all...thanks to my MUSE and inspirations, Bill Rosendahl & L.A. City Hall.

So, all I say, now, is in a rhyme. Stuck writing lyrics, to pass the time. Cause when you've become, over five years, disabled...all you can do, is write bitter fables.

AWE, HELL NO, he di'int!:

Y'all didn't know ZD was also a superstar, hard rocker, too. But I wrote some political activism words, about L.A. City's ILLEGAL laws at Venice Beach Boardwalk, that needed some music, so, pulled out my best "Ace Frehley" and "Def Leppard" guitar effects! Custom written about the six year Venice Beach boardwalk battle. This one, goes out to Mayor Antonio! (See the YouTube 6-year video saga, this song is about.)

"Breakin' The Law on The Boardwalk"

Look around, you see it in the street.

You're gonna have to pay for the permit, please.

The city is on fire, but the mayor gets his desire.

You woke up every day, and drove so far away. Cause you knew about a place, where there's hope.

But the city isn't pretty, so it turned into a pity, when they took you for a ride, breaking laws, you knew were shitty.

You broke the law on the boardwalk, mayor. You scam didn't pan on the boardwalk.

Now, it's anything goes, on the boardwalk, man.

And, boy, I tried to tell ya.

So now, a judge can tell ya.

copyright 2011 - Zuma Dogg All Rights Reserved


HERE'S ONE about dreams, hope and optimism being CRUSHED by a decision, one day, to violate the law and destroy lives. But "That Day," wasn't as catchy as, "That Night." So this one is about the "back room" decisions, leading up to, "open the roll, close the role, destroy lives with this vote."


HERE'S WHAT HAPPENS when everything is ok, and you live in a house in Agoura Hills, then a certain, unnamed municipality, wakes up one day, and decides to pass a law, violating the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, then makes sure YOU are Public Enemy #1, though all kinds of illegal things swirl all around you. It's called ILLEGALLY PREVENTING PEOPLE'S INCOME...and I use the term, "ILLEGAL," because that's what it was found to be, in a FEDERAL U.S. COURT. (Not some rinky-dink, corrupt city council chamber.) So, here's what happens, when they do that. It's called, "Downtown Streets." (Where's Springsteen, y'all?) David Allen Grier, once said: (Homelessness)...wrote a song about it...wanna hear it comes:


Here's on about what L.A. City Council did, and how it lead to L.A. Times reporting of a wide FBI probe of L.A. CIty Hall, as we speak. (SYNTHESIZER MUSIC TRACK, too.)


NEW POLITICAL ANTHEM: What the world needs, right now, is a good political anthem, for the new economic and digital times. So I wrote one. It's the FIRST political anthem to be written via twitter tweets. Like a modern day, Robert Plant...I copy and pasted all the lyrics, in their original (less than 140 character) tweets, and pasted them into this post for a U.S. folk classic, in the spirit of Bruce Springsteen's "Badlands." (But sung like a cast member of "Glee." Like the song says, "give the people what they want.")

"Universe": Perfect for Broadway, Vegas or Barry Manilow.

: One of the worlds' most recognized, and therefore, resonating songwriters in human history is Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd. He made a career out of writing songs about his mental illness and singing the songs in a sparse, a'cappella style, at times (A la: "Final Cut"). But he ain't writin' any new songs. So maybe I can pick up where he left off. I'M READY! Cause everything I write sounds like a frickin' Roger Waters lyric, anyway.

On American Top 40, here's a song about L.A. City's ILLEGAL laws at Venice Beach, which illegally deprived people of their U.S. rights and income. And the impact it has on individuals, at large. Here's one guy's interpretation. Local L.A. Legicon, Zuma Dogg, and his song, some people are saying, is the best song since, "Comfortably Numb," and maybe even a little better. Here's, "Permanently Disabled." On American Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem.

A DARK PRELUDE (listen to the others, if this is too stark), but -- IMMEDIATE GLOBAL FAN REACTION: RT @ShaniceR69: Love your new Permanently Disabled song Zuma. Brings back memories from my college days. At least the ones I remember.

These are six of ten songs.

HERE'S A BONUS SONG, that is the "Prelude Anthem," because it's a gospel song, written in 1978, that inspired and is themed with the rest of these songs, so give it a listen (It's "Badlands," ZD acapella style...sorry, Bruce! But it's FUN and again, main thing is the message. Which must have been a good one, if it inspired/launched ZD's gadfly [non] career.)
: Official site for the video saga, documenting the dues, that paid these blues.

All songs copyright 2011 - Zuma Dogg All Rights Reserved [Except, "A Venice Westside Story (Prelude)"]

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