Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Song by L.A. Legendary Icon, ZUMA DOGG - "Permanently Disabled" (Follow Up to PINK FLOYD "Comfortably Numb," only a little better.)

One of the worlds' most recognized, and therefore, resonating songwriters in human history is Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd. He made a career out of writing songs about his mental illness and singing the songs in a sparse, a'cappella style, at times (A la: "Final Cut"). But he ain't writin' any new songs. So maybe I can pick up where he left off. I'M READY! Cause everything I write sounds like a frickin' Roger Waters lyric, anyway.

Due to the fact that I didn't have any instruments, here is my a'cappella vocal demo of the follow up to "Pink Floyd, "Comfortably Numb." On American Top 40, here's a song about L.A. City's ILLEGAL laws at Venice Beach, which illegally deprived people of their U.S. rights and income. And the impact it has on individuals, at large. Here's one guy's interpretation. Local L.A. Legicon, Zuma Dogg, and his song, some people are saying, is the best song since, "Comfortably Numb," and maybe even a little better. Here's, "Permanently Disabled." On American Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem.

Forget the "to do" list, every day is the same. Cause I'm permanently disabled, and going insane. Going to bed, thinking of what's for tomorrow. But when I wake up, post Venice Beach sorrow. Used to move mountains, on radio and cable. Now, not a thing, cause I'm permanently disabled. The problem for ZD, still being around: Waking up, lighting fuse, pointing rocket to ground. Ready to push, but then quickly stall. And when I look back, at what a huge fall; I think of illegal law, and Bill Rosendahl. And that's all I got to say, about that, y'all.


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