Sunday, August 21, 2011

U.S. TEA PARTY ALERT!: L.A. City News UPDATE for 8/21/11 - Read About The FUTURE of GLOBAL ECONOMY, TODAY! (Gold is ON THE RISE, in 3P hour, Sunday!)

Greetings from Los Angeles, CA. Ground Zero for phony smoke and mirror, house of cards, non-sense that drove the city over the budget cliff, into unavoidable demise.

NOW, the REST of the U.S. will be finding out all the spineless, non-leadership, empty-exhortations that will prevent the U.S. from taking the actual steps/measures, needed, to take us out of the crisis.

I've been investigating, uncovering, exposing and shutting down fraud, waste and abuse since 2006, when they they first put the hydro pump on this recent, municipal flush, down the drain; which is where the city now lives and breathes.

NEW READERS: It was 5 years of THIS, on a regular basis. (SEE VIDEO) Turned out, it all came true. OH NO! Here's the day I found out Obama was giving L.A. Mayor Villaragiosa $100 million dollars in Federal stimulus money. ZUMA DOGG SCREAMING FOR BARACK OBAMA TO SEND OVERSIGHT & LEADERSHIP! (There's NONE of THAT at L.A. City Hall. And the money disappeared and didn't stimulate who/what it was supposed to.)

Here are today's thoughts at 3PM:


  • Some overnight GOLD market must have just opened: GOLD just went up $16/oz @ 3pm. Now $1869. Wait till morning. Run from Wall Street! about a minute ago
  • OH NO: Everyone KNOWS I'm a prophet, and just got butterflies while focused on Wall St. Something just happened, y'all.. NOT GOOD OPEN, MON! 3 minutes ago
  • New readers of wondering, "Who IS this guy?" "Prophet, Icon, Hero, Genius, Legend," names media used to describe me. 7 minutes ago
  • WELCOME TO Aka: L.A. City Hall's daily "to do" Venice checklist. They ALWAYS end up doin' it, one way, or the other. 43 minutes ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl Have a peaceful, blessed vacation. When you return, you'll be doing so to cleaner streets/sidewalks. The LEAST I can do 4 U! 45 minutes ago
  • ALERT: RT to local commercial Venice businesses. YOU R NOT PAYING RENT FOR STREET/SIDEWALK. MOVE IT, or LOSE IT! ZD's "Venice Clean Sweep!" 47 minutes ago
  • Once again, #ZumaDogg will have to show NC members, bloggers & talk hosts what REAL COMMUNITY ACTIVIST is. It's NOT hot air, it's ACTION! 49 minutes ago
  • OFFICIAL PUBLIC NOTICE: ZumaDogg's "Venice Clean Sweep," coming to Venice Streets! BUSINESSES: Get your commercial shit off street/sidewalk. 51 minutes ago
  • ZUMA DOGG's "VENICE CLEAN SWEEP," coming to the streets of Venice! Get your SHIT off the street & sidewalk, businesses! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! 51 minutes ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl: Just walked halfway down Rose to boardwalk and did us BOTH a favor...I turned around and went back inside. HAPPY VACATION! 55 minutes ago
  • A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS: GOLD, SILVER, DIAMONDS, WATER. I don't even wear jewelery and only drink energy drinks. Must mean investments. about an hour ago
  • In case you are wondering if I think GOLD has peaked. When we look back, this time next year, YOU WILL LAUGH FOR EVEN WONDERING? LOL! NO! about an hour ago
  • I''d MUCH rather go to sleep making 1% on a dollar/investment I KNOW will be there in the morning, than potential 8%, when I lose 40% of it. about an hour ago
  • #Pensions #401K #TeaParty #Economy: Ask yourself, "Do you REALLY want YOUR lifetime financial security tied to all these world problems?" about an hour ago
  • AGAIN, I would rather make 1% on most boring, secure investment, ever; than end up losing 40%, cause I was hoping to make 6%-8%. GET IT? about an hour ago
  • A wise man said, "I would prefer to make 1% interest on 100% of my money, than the promised 8%, when I lose 40% during Wall St crash. DOH! about an hour ago
  • I think the stock market would be a GREAT place to invest your life savings/pension/city treasury. (If it weren't for fraud and abuse.) about an hour ago
  • #OBAMA: "HOPE" is a good thing to invest DREAMS into, during a campaign. But NOT something to invest MONEY into, these days, on Wall Street. about an hour ago
  • WALL ST ALERT: If U.S. recovery is based on "job creation," IT'S OVER! They say, "We need to create jobs, NOW!" (Have they NOT been trying?) about an hour ago
  • #UNION #BROTHERHOOD: You're (rightfully) mad at "no job" crisis. But ONLY ONE GROUP you can POSSIBLY be mad at: YOUR PENSION COMMISSION! about an hour ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl: Your vacation officially starts! ZD & Sarge will hold down the district while you're off. I'll double my meds 4 U! Love, ZD about an hour ago
  • In tweets below, I claim pension fraud is cause of L.A./CA/U.S. economic crisis. This post explains: PENSION FRAUD 101 - about an hour ago
  • PLAIN & SIMPLE: There's NOTHING ELSE that matters/NOTHING ELSE to talk about, as activists, than PENSION FRAUD the general fund must cover. about an hour ago
  • In '08, L.A. Pension Fund lost -20%!! It is re-paid out of general fund used for cops, fire, trash, entire city staff. How did past week go? about an hour ago
  • If pension commish KNOWS, if you LOSE BILLIONS in overly-risky, non-investment grade stocks, its paid back by taxpayers, ROLL THE DICE, BIG! about an hour ago
  • Did you know, when L.A. pension fund loses BILLIONS&BILLIONS on Wall St, losses reimbursed by taxpayer out of GENERAL FUND for ALL SERVICES? about an hour ago
  • People of L.A. have NO IDEA what Villar's "Iceland vacation" was REALLY about (PENSION $). They DON'T WANT to know. Not about VIP "perks." about an hour ago
  • Will be NO U.S. recovery, long as State/Local Govt continues to invest/lose BILLIONS of pension money in Wall St "Alternative investments!" about an hour ago
  • There will be NO U.S. recovery as long as FEDS continue w/bogus STIMULUS projects, like $20 MILLION to weatherize 3 homes/14 jobs created. about an hour ago
  • Democrats can blame Republicans/Wall St all they want. CA Dems were in charge during demise & lost the pension money to bogus crony schemes. about an hour ago
  • #USA #TEAPARTY #REPUBLICANS #ACTIVISTS #GOP #POLITICS #TALKRADIO Check out (New shows keep coming!) about 2 hours ago
  • Since '07, ONE BLOG has been SHOCKINGLY accurate in informing you as to what is happening & what WILL BE happening.! about 2 hours ago
  • MASSIVE UPDATES @ from late last night. #TeaParty #Obama #Economy #Pensions #LosAngeles #CA #Politics #News See now! about 2 hours ago
  • #USA #TEAPARTY #REPUBLICANS #ACTIVISTS #GOP #POLITICS #TALKRADIO Check out (New shows from ZUMA DOGG, coming!) about 14 hours ago
  • #USA #TeaParty @BarackObama: Had to establish myself, EARLY as TOP DOGG:, but I CLEAN UP, nicely!: about 14 hours ago
  • #USA #TeaParty @BarackObama: Had to establish myself, EARLY as TOP DOGG:, but I CLEAN UP, nicely!: about 14 hours ago
  • VIDEO: Los Angeles Under 1st Amendment CRACKDOWN @ L.A. CIty Hall! EVERYTHING ELSE @ RISK AS ACTIVISTS! MUST WATCH!: about 14 hours ago
  • If you have FAST EARS, Zuma Dogg (#TeaParty LEADER) EXPLAINS PENSION FRAUD in less than a minute. VIDEO: (GIve a RT!) about 14 hours ago
  • #USA #TeaParty #Republicans #GOP #Politics #FoxNews: MEET YOUR NEW LEADER! YouTube: (Rest of U.S. is next. RT!) about 14 hours ago
  • U.S. TEA PARTY ALERT: Los Angeles, LOST and Taken Over By ILLEGAL STREET ACTIVITY, in EVERY… about 14 hours ago
  • @BarackOBAMA: Since You're On "Working Vacation," Watch This FEDERAL MATTER on Venice Boardwalk. (Venice always FUN!) about 15 hours ago
Zuma Dogg Gives His Opinion of "Smart Growth" (Aka: Extra Density) during political forum.


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