Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zuma Dogg Political MUSIC ROCKER! "Breakin' The Law on The Boardwalk" (About Venice Beach - Music & Vocal DEMO Track - LISTEN HERE!)

[PICTURED: These songs ain't no made up jibber-jabber. They're based on REAL things. Here's the picture, this song is about. AND, the breaking the law part isn't me. It's L.A. CITY! They LOST to ZD in Federal Court, which made it illegal!]

AWE, HELL NO, he di'int!:

Y'all didn't know ZD was also a superstar, hard rocker, too. But I wrote some political activism words, about L.A. City's ILLEGAL laws at Venice Beach Boardwalk, that needed some music, so I pulled out my best "Ace Frehley" and "Def Leppard" guitar effects!)

Song Lyrics

Look around, you see it in the street.

You're gonna have to pay for the permit, please.

The city is on fire, but the mayor gets his desire.

You woke up every day, and drove so far away. Cause you knew about a place, where there's hope.

But the city isn't pretty, so it turned into a pity, when they took you for a ride, breaking laws, you knew were shitty.

You broke the law on the boardwalk, mayor. You scam didn't pan on the boardwalk.

Now, it's anything goes, on the boardwalk, man.

And, boy, I tried to tell ya.

So now, a judge can tell ya.

copyright 2011 - Zuma Dogg All Rights Reserved

And here are four more vocal demos, without the music, but again, any musician/producer can hear all they need to, for further production. GRAMMY ALERT: Five (5) Songs from L.A. Political Folk Legend, Zuma Dogg (For Your Consideration) EZ-STREAM PLAYER, HERE!

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