Sunday, September 4, 2011

AUDIO: LA Times DAVID ZAHNISER on PATT MORRISON, Discussing FBI Probe Into L.A. City Hall (GOOD SHOW!)

[PICTURED: (left) Zuma Dogg & David Zahniser question shady L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar, Aka: Little Annikin Skywalker. (right) DZ was a better journalism than ZD, so here I am copying his notes.]

Here is the Patt Morrison interview of LA Times City Hall reporter, David Zahniser, based on the article linked in this tweet below:

LATimes: "FBI agents want to take their bribery investigation "as wide and as high as they can."

This radio interview contains details not covered in the article. GOOD SHOW! ZD wishes he was DZ!

In the interview above, LA TIMES DAVID ZAHNISER reveals USC Fraternity suing L.A. City over suspicion their permit wasn't approved, cause they didn't offer bribe. Also, city may be open to wave of lawsuits of people affected by "bribes," and lack of giving any.

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