Friday, September 2, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Report to CRA on Wesson's Shady "Wilshire Center/Koreatown CRA Project Area" (3670 Wilshire Sale/Money Shuffle (Part of FBI Investigation?)

[PICTURED: L.A. Councilman Herb Wesson looks in shock and fear as Zuma Dogg exposes L.A. Housing Scandal at L.A. City Council meeting. Photo Credit: Matt Dowd]

A couple days ago, I tweeted this:
HERE'S THE ENTIRE REPORT I BASED THAT BLOG POST FROM THAT MAKES THE CASE: PDF FILE OF REPORT - via ZumaDOCS (Aka: Google Docs) I wonder if it's the same one the FBI is making? IT INVOLVES SEVEN CITY LOTS -- WHICH MAKES IT THE MAGNITUDE OF AN AEG/SIZED STADIUM. And some folks think it's the ACTUAL shadiest game in town:

TALK RADIO PODCAST: Dianne Lawrence (, the person who brought this issue to ZD, in the first place, explains this CRA merger/bambooze-a-shuffle on a ZD Radio Show from Dec. 2010.

In this interview we mention that this project was put on "hold," most likely until after the March 2011 L.A. City Council election. Wesson was running for re-election, so couldn't have this come out. Sure happened, JUNE 2011, as all expected and predicted. ("Clockwork," y'all...See: "as predictable as.")

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