Monday, September 12, 2011

VIDEOS: L.A. Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg & L.A. Times David Zahniser Talk FBI Investigation Into City Hall & Zuma Introduces Villaraigosa to Crowd!

It's as official as it can be, for now, cause petitions aren't out till next year, it's only ethics/fundraising paperwork, at this point, but: Zuma Dogg filed paperwork with L.A. City Ethics Commission for 2013 L.A. Mayoral Election, to replaced termed out, Douchebag, Antonio Viagraosa.

Last night, I revealed ZD spent the past 20 years, studying quantum physical/universal forces (Deepak Chopra/Wayne Dyer/Marianne Williamson, etc) kinda stuff.

So today, as I step out of the car, and onto the sidewalk, Los Angeles Times City Hall reporter, David Zahnhiser (ZD's UNDISPUTED favorite), literally swipes my camera, like a Central Casting movie extra.

So here is the video of L.A.'s Top 2 City Hall Investigative News Journalists: Zuma Dogg & David Zahniser...ZD & DZ! (Any corrupt politician's worst nightmare!)

L.A. Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg had the honor of introducing L.A. Mayor (and frequent visitor to Washington, to yap his dumb trap,) Antonio Villaraigosa, to the crowd at tonight's West L.A. "Town Hall," spin session.

[He doesn't stop and smile for the ZumaCAM, like he used to in the old days (see Pension Fraud, etc posts, from past week on this blog)...but that doesn't stop ZD from, "pimpin' the event." As far as the crowd knows, he WANTED me to do that. LOL!]

REVERSE ANGLE: HERE'S RIGHT AFTER I ANNOUNCE HIM, AS HE WALKS THE AISLE...not of Congress, but of this cheesy, little community room and greets beloved community member, and L.A. City Councilman, Bill Rosendahl. (A long time Venice resident, who also filed paperwork at Ethics, today, to run for re-election of his third and final term.)

L.A. MAYOR IN DESPAIR: Looks like he's got some other things on his mind...FBI PROBE, maybe...NOT an easy time to be an L.A. City official.
PICTURED: L.A. MAYOR IN DESPAIR: A picture's worth a 100... on Twitpic
[He happens to be sitting in front of a packed room of people, looking right at him. Do you KNOW how deeply, wrapped up in thought you must be, to not even be aware of the surrounding? DAMN, I DO feel sorry for him. He did TERRIBLE things...but looks like he's in tremendous despair. (And NOT just cause ZD was sitting in the front row center seat.)]


HERE'S THE PART ABOUT WENDY, that wasn't discussed, on camera in the ZD/DZ video...but I posted this, last week...and I think it is now ALL of buzz, of L.A. City Hall, after today...EXCLUSIVE: DID L.A. MAYORAL CANDIDATE WENDY GREUEL HIRE A PR FIRM TO RUN ANTI-HOME DEPOT CAMPAIGN, CAUSE SHE OWNS COMPETING BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY?

ZUMA TWEETS: (Some cranky tweets at the bottom, cause someone is building an over-sized monstrosity residence, in Venice; cracked the sidewalk with their over-sized crane; then did the repair work, themselves, without notifying the city. So it raises questions. Is the job up to city standard? What quality cement was used? Did they remove the previous breakage, properly? NO ONE KNOWS??? SOME GUY IN A DODGERS CAP JUST DID THE JOB, and I guess we just have to trust they didn't "cheap out," or "fuck up." (I bet the person building the giant monstrosity is wealthy enough to be able to do whatever she wants on city streets. That's what they get to do.)
  • NEW/EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: L.A.'s Top 2 Investigative journalists, David Zahniser & Zuma Dogg (DZ & ZD) talk FBI at City Hall. 6 minutes ago
  • PICTURED: L.A. MAYOR IN DESPAIR: A picture's worth a 1000 words, but wonder what he's thinking, here? 3 letters? 40 minutes ago
  • NOTEWORTHY?: Lady said, "I supported 3 of your campaigns, Mayor." Mayor, "And that was the last one." NO MORE CAMPAIGNS? ZD EXCLUSIVE? about an hour ago
  • L.A. Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg and L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaragiosa at West L.A. "Question & Answer" Session. about an hour ago
  • Back from MTA meeting in West L.A. with Rosendahl and Villaraigosa. ZD introduced mayor to crowd. Thanks, Antonio! Video coming, soon! about 2 hours ago
  • Yes, I filed paperwork with L.A. Ethics Commission to enter 2013 L.A. Mayoral Election. DETAILS & PLATFORM @ about 5 hours ago
  • RT @KNXClaudia: Ethics website shows CM @Bill_Rosendahl filed for reelection and @zumadogg filed to run for mayor. about 5 hours ago
  • RT @TheCityMaven: Ethics website also shows CM @bill_rosendahl filed for reelection and @ZumaDogg filed to run for mayor. about 6 hours ago
  • I filed paperwork with ethics, for mayor '13 election. Send money, now! (LOL!) Got video w LATimes David Zahniser, too. ZD & DZ=CLASSIC! about 6 hours ago
  • I filed with ethics for mayor. Send mo et, Got video w Zah user &,ZD, too. Classic. about 7 hours ago
  • If someone threw rock thru a City Hall window, would one who threw rock get to install any kind of new window they want, w/out telling city? about 9 hours ago
  • CAROL LEVY/EPIC CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: Next time THE ICON asks if you have a permit, "ANSWER THE QUESTION!" DON'T WORRY WHO I AM. "Mr. HEAT!" about 9 hours ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl U should mention to Carol Levy/EPIC: THEY BETTER CUT CRAP! The WRONG MUTHERFUCKER HAS 24/7 EYES ON PROJECT! AND I KNOW LAW! about 10 hours ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl The problem CLOWN from Carol Levy's/EPIC project, that called cops on ZD has is, ZD was w/in law, but HIS PROJECT WASN'T. about 10 hours ago
  • ZD=SHOUTING @ PRIVATE firm that REPAIRED CITY SIDEWALK w/out telling city; called cops on ZD. LAPD's concern was THEIR ILLEGAL activity! DOH about 10 hours ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl I think you need to have "chat" w Carol Levy/EPIC. PRETTY EARLY INTO PROJECT for ALL OF THIS CRAP! SHE IS NOT KING OF L.A.! about 10 hours ago
  • YOU FUCKED W/THE WRONG ONE!: The guy who ILLEGALLY paved sidewalk, I was YELLING at, called cops on ZD. But, NOW cops are talking to HIM LOL about 10 hours ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl When lady building home BREAKS city sidewalk, and guy in Dodgers cap repairs it, WAS THE JOB DONE TO CITY CODE/Quality? NO! about 10 hours ago
  • ZD had to call in STRANGER, paving city sidewalk they ILLEGALLY BROKE. NOT HOW IT WORKS. THE CITY FIXES IT, NOT YOU! YOU could be TERRORIST! about 10 hours ago
  • WHY L.A. should NOT allow random strangers in baseball hats, repairing/paving city sidewalks. YOU DON'T WHO? Could be installing LAND MINE? about 10 hours ago
  • It's Monday: Heading down to ethics office to file L.A. Mayor '13 Election paperwork. Will join ranks of Beutner, Perry, Greuel & Garshady. about 10 hours ago
  • GOOD MORNING, L.A. CITY HALL: Started blowing a gasket/new ZD corruption juice, all over blog. That was only Sun leak. about 21 hours ago

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