Saturday, September 10, 2011

Zuma Dogg Presents His Argument For 2013 Los Angeles Mayoral Election

WHY YOU CAN'T USE MARKET RESEARCH TO PREDICT THE FUTURE: I didn't think I was gonna put my name on the ballot for the 2013 Los Angeles Mayoral Election. And we ALL KNEW Eric Garcetti was going to run. A ZERO surprise to ANYONE. But when the real-life, reality of his actual announcement of his mayoral candidacy, I can CLEARLY SEE, I will not be able to prevent myself, and expect to file the paperwork at the City Clerk's Election Division, Monday. (Get ready, guys! I'll stop by after lunch with my "young money" posse.)



  • RT @30thirdwart: ATTENTION LA: ZD announced he WILL run for mayor. y'all better get your headphones & get working. I'll volunteer. (THNX MUCH!) 8 minutes ago
  • ZD vs GARCETTI: "Genius, Hero, Legend, Icon, Treasure, Prophet" Media words describing ZD. What do they say about Garcetti? New FBI probe? less than a minute ago
  • Zuma Dogg as mayoral candidate, URGED VOTERS, "Vote NO on Measure B," in ALL newspaper/radio/TV press interviews. A LOT OF impressions. Will attach latest shady measures, THIS ELECTION! 22 minutes ago
  • LAST ELECTION: EVERY TV, RADIO, NEWS interview, I used opportunity to say, "I hope you vote for me, BUT PLEASE VOTE TO DEFEAT MEASURE B!" 25 minutes ago
  • Every political campaign needs good slogan: How about, "Cause this shit's gotta end!" - Zuma Dogg campaign slogan. (Cause, "NO, YOU DIDN'T!) 29 minutes ago
  • LAST MAYOR ELECTION: ZD warned of Villar pension appointees Broidy/Schiff/Wetherly Capital execs. THIS ELECTION, can announce, PLEAD GUILTY! 22 minutes ago
  • "I'm here to ask for your vote, but something just as important, is for you to vote, 'NO' on Measure B." - ZD last mayoral election on KNBC. 27 minutes ago
  • ZUMA DOGG EXPOSES L.A. City Council's "LEGAL DEFENSE FUNDS" (Are They Used For "ILLEGAL… 47 minutes ago
  • GARCETTI: All I have to do is reply to the interviews, the media must let me participate in, under equal time rules, and you'll be very ill. about an hour ago
  • ZD vs GARCETTI: ZD filled entire half hours w/top of mind improv till LA TV icon. Garcetti couldn't spit out ONE LINE on cheesy soap opera! 7 minutes ago
  • ZD vs Garcetti: He can SMOOTH you w JAZZ piano, which is nice. But ZD can play "Bennie & The Jets" just like Elton John! Which do YOU want? 13 minutes ago
  • CITY HALL: Reflect back to '06, when ZD first entered LA political scene. Each year=worse & worse. Add up losses to ZD +FBI. NOW=ZD 4 MAYOR! about an hour ago
  • ZD vs GARCETTI: Each year, I said, "Budget is smoke & mirrors!" EG said, "No problems! One big happy family!" Each year, ZD=right. EG=wrong. about an hour ago
  • A 5 YR HISTORY of ZUMADOGG warning, City is OVERLY OPTIMISTIC, NOT PESSIMISTIC ENOUGH on budget. Then, CAO yearly report=REPEATS ZD's words. about an hour ago
  • In '07, I predicted City was gonna go belly up in subprime bubble burst, with CRIPPLING Wall St losses in phony/shill projects. IT HAPPENED! about an hour ago
  • LAST TIME I ran for mayor, was TRYING to convince people, City was BREAKING FEDERAL 1st AMENDMENT LAW! Can NOW announce, I WON IN FED COURT! about an hour ago
  • LAST TIME I ran for mayor, was SCREAMING about "illegal contributions" (BRIBES) to city officials. This election, can announce FBI BUSTS! about an hour ago
  • LAST TIME I ran for mayor, was trying to put end to Special Event Fee Waivers. THIS ELECTION, can announce, I DID! They ENDED shady tactic. about an hour ago
  • LAST TIME I RAN FOR MAYOR, was SCREAMING about LAHD/Rent Escrow FRAUD: This election, can announce, FBI IS INVESTIGATING! PLUS, PENSIONS! about an hour ago
  • LAST TIME I RAN FOR MAYOR, was blogging about THOSE TIED TO PENSION FRAUD: THIS ELECTION, I'll be able to announce ALL THOSE PEOPLE BUSTED! about an hour ago
  • @AustinBeutner: Did you know Dr. Deming sent me a letter of praise for my "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points." U know HIM! about an hour ago
  • @Patt_Morrison: It's @ZumaDogg. I'm gonna run for LA Mayor vs Garcetti. I'm predicting #WendyGreuel will be forced to drop out/resign, too. about an hour ago
  • @KamalaHarris: I know you're busy keeping eye away from L.A. corruption, but if you wanna follow it, follow @ZumaDogg. Think your BOSSES do! about an hour ago
  • @IngrahamAngle: Didn't know you felt that way about Villaraigosa. Have we met? My name is Zuma Dogg. GET TO KNOW ME! about 2 hours ago
  • @ingrahamangle : If you wanna see out EVERYTHING Villaragiosa DOES NOT want you to see: FEDS LOVE MY STUFF! UPDATED! about 2 hours ago
  • @IngrahamAngle: We're not allow to say that, in L.A. I gotta do it the HARD WAY: EXPOSING VILLARAIGOSA CORRUPTION! about 2 hours ago
  • I KNOW it's MY BLOG, but based on GOOGLE rankings. ZD's post on his mayoral run, already TOP 10 for WEEK, in 3 hrs. Garcetti's NOT Top 10. about 3 hours ago
  • TENS OF THOUSANDS of people got to know "ZD," last mayoral election. Here's initial reaction to NEWCOMERS, for... about 3 hours ago
  • NEXT PLANE ON RUNWAY FEDS could look into=LA Council LEGAL DEFENSE FUNDS: A way one can legally "bribe" &/or hire vendors for self interest. about 3 hours ago
  • Congressional Candidate Tony Cardenas, has 3 legal defense funds. Can give $1000 to each fund. Attorney spends $ for candidate on "things." about 3 hours ago
  • COUNCILMEMBERS' LEGAL DEFENSE FUNDS: Can't spend city money legally on THAT? Have attorney pay for it. Attorney/Client privilege. Skirt law! about 3 hours ago
  • COUNCILMEMBERS' "LEGAL DEFENSE FUNDS": If you give someone $5000 it's a bribe. If your attorney gives it to someone, it's a "settlement." ;) about 3 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG TO EXPOSE L.A. CITY COUNCIL'S "LEGAL DEFENSE FUNDS." A way to have lawyers legally bribe/use to hire vendors around laws. COMING! about 3 hours ago
  • @JanPerry: RUN FOR CONTROLLER! Don't think you have real shot as mayor. ZD DOES NOT THINK WENDY WILL BE RUNNING FOR ANYTHING! Zine=MORON! about 3 hours ago
  • @austinbeutner: Gonna file paperwork for L.A. Mayoral election, Monday. Already knocked Greuel out. Will focus on Garcetti.You WIN FOR SURE! about 3 hours ago
  • @austinbeutner: You don't realize it yet but I just cleared Wendy Greuel out of the way, in 2013 mayoral election. She's so CORRUPT, was EZ! about 3 hours ago
  • @BarackObama: Read my announcement as candidate in L.A. City Mayoral Election. Gonna FUCK IT UP for your boy GARCETTI! about 3 hours ago
  • ZD vs Garcetti: ZD became GURU in REAL WORLD/REAL BUSINESS radio industry. College to NYC #1! Garcetti=career politician, ran on dad's name. about 3 hours ago
  • If you believe ZD is wrong (lied, or was lied to) and/or feel no one special reads my blog, THEN NO PROBLEM FOR #WendyGreuel. ZD says=TOAST! about 5 hours ago
  • Small detail, but really made me happy. When I called pretty high up place, and started talking. Was interrupted with, "Is this ZUMA DOGG?!" about 5 hours ago
  • I'm EXCITED to run for L.A. Mayor. Gonna file, Mon. A lot of people at FED/D.C. level know ZD now, and will see my jobs ideas in interviews! about 5 hours ago
  • FINE! You can start to address me as, "The Candidate." (I KNOW you like that.) about 5 hours ago
  • OFFICIAL ZUMA DOGG campaign website for 2013 L.A. City Mayoral Election: ( Official History of L.A.) about 5 hours ago
  • I beat City Hal in FED court, ended Special Event Fee fraud and exposed LAHD/REAP, bribery, pension fraud to FEDS. ALL now investigated. ZD! about 5 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg To (Quiety) File Paperwork To Enter 2013 Los Angeles City Mayoral Election (Once He… about 5 hours ago
CONTINUED ON THIS BLOG POST (Better reasons, since this is the follow up post, stuff left over, that went into this post. And THIS one is pretty impressive!: Zuma Dogg To (Quiety) File Paperwork To Enter 2013 Los Angeles City Mayoral Election (Once He Saw Garcetti Was Running, He Couldn't Stop Himself!)

AND THIS IS MY MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY AS HEAD GENERAL MANAGER OF L.A./Mayor. It includes the run down of my 14 point management/jobs/economic plan: Los Angeles "Quality & Productivity Czar" Has Two Questions For L.A. Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti (And Please Leave Out The EMPTY EXHORTATIONS!)

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