Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2013 L.A. Mayoral Election Political Analysis by Zuma Dogg (Garcetti, Greuel, Perry, Beutner, Dogg, Caruso, James) Issues & Poltiical Operative Angles

@ZumaDogg Tweets:
  • L.A. Councilmembers are pretty shady. Bloomberg News only reported ONE councilmember contacted by FBI over affordable housing scam=GARCETTI. 6 minutes ago
  • GARCETTI vs DOGG: Dogg investigated BILLIONS in lost LA pension money. Was told, "Cisneros Project=#1 LOSS." Cisneros swore in Eric=Cronies! 9 minutes ago
  • GARCETTI vs DOGG: Dogg screamed for FBI probe into Rent Escrow, 100s of times on TV. Eric told me, "not shady." FBI now probes Rent Escrow. 12 minutes ago
  • ERIC GARCETTI is either DUMBER than ZUMA DOGG or a BOLDFACED LIAR! Approached ZD to tell me, "Rent Escrow isn't shady." NOW UNDER FBI PROBE! 15 minutes ago
  • Eric Garcetti just wrapped up Council Presidency resulting in worst 5 years in L.A. history/ending in FBI probes. He's asking for your vote! 32 minutes ago
  • MENTIONED KEVIN JAMES is openly gay mayoral candidate (to take votes from Garcetti) but it's just lifestyle note, w Kevin. NOT his platform. 36 minutes ago
  • SORRY ERIC GARCETTI: You may be in "Ambiguously Gay Duo." but L.A. has ACTUAL gay candidate for those who do not live in fear: KEVIN JAMES! 49 minutes ago
  • ERIC GARCETTI will have Ace Smith, John Shallman & Zuma Dogg DESTROYING HIM as a mayoral candidate & Kevin James will take his gay voters. 52 minutes ago
  • GARCETTI: Operatives will DESTROY. Low-income Villar base won't get excited. AB/WG/JP split his votes & KEVIN JAMES splits EG's gay votes. 54 minutes ago
  • GARCETTI: Only chance of run-off=Wendy Greuel is busted by FBI/drops out. mid-class/rich votes split w AB/JP/WG. EG can't rally lower-base. 57 minutes ago
  • GARCETTI: Needs Latino, socialist & low income votes, but won't get excited enough about him, as with Antonio. AB/JP/WG split other $ votes. about an hour ago
  • Garcetti may be running as "Latino" candidate, and NEEDS every one; it ain't gonna be like it was for Villaraiogsa. Eric is an uptight nerd. about an hour ago
  • Garcetti=same political attraction as Villaraigosa/needs ALL his low-income socialist votes. THEY won't get excited about Eric/like Antonio. about an hour ago
  • If ZD called FBI to tell them something about WENDY GREUEL, and FBI was interested & opened a file, I think VOTERS will be interested, too. about an hour ago
  • JAN PERRY: Operatives will attack her on AEG stuff. Activist crowd cares=PUBLIC DOES NOT! They WANT a stadium. Eric & Wendy will take hits. about an hour ago
  • With MEGAskeletons in Greuel & Garcetti's political closet, as when LA will be EVEN WORSE, THEY'LL BE DESTROYED AS NEVER SEEN in a campaign. about an hour ago
  • WENDY GREUEL vs ERIC GARCETTI=LA Mayor. Eric will run positive campaign/let others do attacking. WENDY HAS 50 inch "hit" file on Eric ready! about an hour ago
  • Eric Garcetti will get HAMMERED by other mayor candidate competitive fliers. OMG! This guy ain't who u think he his. INSIDERS know, though! about an hour ago
  • Eric Garcetti looks cool when HE controls mic & discussion. Wait till he's in mayor forums and can't control things. Empty words fall flat. about an hour ago
  • ZD is running for mayor, cause he has 5 yr history of being right about EVERYTHING L.A. City Hall related, and EVERYONE knows it. about 2 hours ago
  • ZD is running for mayor, no matter HOW unstable, cause have 5 yr history of corruption to expose in media/when ZD speaks politics=NOT NUTTY. about 2 hours ago
  • ZD running for LA Mayor, no matter WHAT you think, cause no other candidate investigated/exposed more fraud/waste/abuse=created more change. about 2 hours ago
  • @RickCarsusoLA will NOT run for Mayor, because he knows ACE SMITH, etc will EXPOSE & EMBARRASS RICK on his radical Republican causes/ties. about 2 hours ago
  • Rick Caruso cleared path for his business on relations as ex-mayoral staffer/police commissioner/radical money contributor=only caring, NOW. about 2 hours ago
  • You can tag Beutner as 1%. WAIT until LA Democrat majority hears who @RickCarusoLA gave money to and for what causes. "RADICAL REPUBLICAN?" about 2 hours ago
  • RCARUSO vs ABEUTNER: ZD says AB WINS! Better political operatives/infrastructure. TEAM RIORDAN back AB. AB will be Newt Gingrich of debates. about 2 hours ago
  • @RickCarusoLA BIGGEST PROBLEM=@AustinBeutner. Rick could have victory celebration, NOW, if it weren't for AB. Now, Rick may not even run. about 2 hours ago
  • ZD TO @RickCarusoLA: Those who want U/successful biz outsider DON'T care about Republican baggage. But, you'll NEVER convert 1 LA socialist. about 3 hours ago
  • As a '13 L.A. mayoral candidate, myself=NOT HAPPY my post on Rick Caruso campaign just took off like bottle rocket. FAST RECORD LEVEL VIEWS! about 3 hours ago
PART ONE on Rick Caruso (Got a market research call from a pollster, that triggered all of these tweets, tonight. READ MORE...

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