Monday, November 28, 2011

GOOD LISTEN!: KCRW "Which Way L.A.?" on Future of OccupyLA with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (Interview by Warren Olney)

I wonder when L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa IMMEDIATELY shifts WHATEVER question is being asked, into his political talking points (how many times does he mention, "US Conference of Mayors?") -- and when he simply DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION, BEING ASKED, AT ALL...if he thinks people don't realize and are not frustrated waiting to hear the answer.

KCRW'S WARREN OLNEY on "Which Way L.A.?" wasn't spun, and had to re-ask every question, a second time. (He wasn't buying it, but KCRW talk hosts are more polite in their disgust, so they don't say, "That's not the question I asked, you shady, mob-connected, moron!" What happened to the pension fund?"

BOTTOM LINE: A great interview with Villaraigosa (in the category of "Best Comedy Performance") -- and two other guests, pile on, in a way that had ZD sitting, listening as a TRUE LISTENER, without going NUTZ, because I am not hearing the ZD perspective represented. (For example, LA Times front page said, "An Act of Solidarity," after unruly mob spills into street, blocking traffic -- during a completely illegal and unlawful, post 10pm public park curfew (and post 12:01 AM park closure deadline.) If ZD were publisher of LA Times, it would have said, "Mayor Fails To Enforce Municipal Law, And Unruly Mob Shuts Down City Streets. ANARCHY ENSUES...AS CITY HALL STANDS BY POWERLESS!!! SEND THE NATIONAL GUARD! NO LEADERSHIP IN LOS ANGELES!!!

AND NOW, on with the countdown. (And, oh yeah...even the OccupyLA "Media Relations Guy" (who was shoving ZD?) QUIT, TODAY! And wait till you hear what he thinks of OccupyLA's chances of doing ANYTHING productive.)

ZUMA DOGG'S OccupyLA Videos: Showing a CULT MOB preventing others from THEIR free speech, as they are fighting to protect theirs. Including: OccupyLA CULT MOB - PHYSICALLY ATTACKS NON-OCCUPIER! (These videos represent the beginning of the end for the cult encampment on city hall public park lawn.)

USC Students Interview Zuma Dogg at Occupy LA/City Hall

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