Sunday, November 13, 2011

L.A. Superior Court Rules AGAINST Los Angeles Housing Dept on MAJOR Tactic City Uses To Seize Properties (Potential for THOUSANDS of Lawsuits!!!)

It was brought to my attention by the Fair Housing Coalition ( that the L.A. City Attorney Office lost a MAJOR, MAJOR case in L.A. Superior Court regarding the Los Angeles Department of Housing (LAHD), which relates to the Building & Saftey Department. (BOTH departments under FBI investigation, among other City Hall departments.)

LAHD told a property owner of a 4-unit residence that it could only be a 2-unit residence; and the building had to be demolished and turned into a 2-unit.

The owner said they could not do that.

In L.A. Superior Court, the Judge said that the LA Housing Department was using and enforcing Building & Safety Department rules, which is a separate department, with ample inspection staff (according to judge) and that was not allowed.

The L.A. City Attorney argued that there has been a long-term understanding (MOU) between LAHD and Building & Safety, that LAHD could enforce B&S rules, to save time and red tape. (FOR ONCE THEY WANT TO BE EFFICIENT, WHEN THE AIM OF THE PROCESS IS TO SEIZE YOUR PROPERTY!)

As you are saying to yourself, the judge also said, "BULLSHIT!" (I'm paraphrasing), and ruled in favor of the Plaintiff (property owner).

The City chose NOT to appeal the decision in appeals court, because, then; it becomes an officially published ruling for ALL to SUE THE HELL OUT OF THE CITY, OVER.

HOWEVER, Zuma H. Parker believes, ANYONE (among the thousands of people who lost their property to the city through this illegal process. since 1999) can now SUE the city, now that legal precedent has been established in L.A. Superior Court.

If you are a property owner who has been damages or lost property to LAHD or B&S, contact FairHousingCoalition, NOW! They can help you take the next step toward municipal justice.


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