Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PoliticalTVStream: Why Villaraigosa-Crony/Pal HERB WESSON is LAST Person Who L.A. City Council Should Approve As New Council President (Aka: See FBI Probe Into Housing/Bribes, Etc.)

The future of blogging is having a PoliticalTVStream (PolticalTVStream.com): So instead of me having to type up what I already said, on camera, for you to read; now, JUST WATCH! [Quality "Infotainment" you won't read in the LA Times or see on local or national news] And, OH YEAH, forgot ONE THING in this video, I just remembered, which is why a blog is good to have, with your, PTVS: Not only was Wesson HOUSING CHAIR (Housing Dept under FBI probe), and the BRIBES you have read the FBI busted inspectors for were in Wesson's district; along with the mere fact that Herb has publicly stated, "Antonio Villaraiogsa is my 'best friend' who happens to be mayor," an INDICTMENT in MOST people's mind, these days (all that stuff mentioned in the video), YOU HEARD ABOUT KOREATOWN DEVELOPER ALEXANDER HUGH, WHO WAS GIVEN MAXIMUM FINE FOR "MONEY LAUNDERING" IN VILLARAIGOSA'S '09 MAYORAL CAMPAIGN=WESSON'S DISTRICT! (And now, on with the countdown...)

Also, here's a 60 minute "Best Of" (or "Worst Of," depending on your perspective) from ZD's trip to City Hall and Occupy LA Encampment. (Edited a lot of the best parts of the harder to find embedded Ustream clips and YouTubes from various accounts, into this "Best of" memories highlight: PoliticalTVStream.com: 60 Minute Episode: Zuma Dogg at Occupy LA & City Hall (Mob Attacks Non-Occupier & City Hall CORRUPTION EXPOSED by City Hall's Top Gadfly)

[PLUS, streaming almost 24/7 on the LIVE UStream embedded player on this blog. When the "On Air" ARROW is showing, click it for LIVE stream.] PoliticalTVStream.com

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