Saturday, November 26, 2011

VIDEO EXHIBIT: Zuma Dogg Delivers Most "Stunning & Amazing" Vocal Performance, Ever! (The "Susan Boyle" of "Venice Beach Boardwalk") Sade - "No Ordinary Love" by Zuma Dogg!?!?!

Alright, y'all...time to pull out all the stops. You've heard me sing in a fun, playful way...but now that L.A. City Councilman Herb Wesson was elected as new L.A. City Council President, there was added Google search activity on Herb, last week, upon the news.

In completely unrelated matters, Zuma Dogg has been preparing for a "Zuma Dogg Show" (Singing/Rapping/Karaoke/Choreography, Vegas style review), to make use of the golden Zuma Dogg echo amplifier, to make some money, cause I think you know I need it. And since all I do is sit inside and sing, anyway...may as well do it in front of people, who can tip me/put a donation in my other hand. (The hand I'm not holding the mic with.)

So, I posted some new YouTube videos, of ZD singing Holiday Classics, cause maybe I could pull out some Holiday gigs, cause I can also DJ parties with a full and unlimited music library, to play through the amp, as well.

After posting the new videos (and to see what other "singing" videos were on the net, of Zuma Dogg, to showcase for upcoming gigs), I did a Google search for, "Zuma Dogg Sings." And I see an article from LA Times, with a comment from L.A. City Councilman Herb Wesson saying, "We're stunned and amazed. We've never seen anything like it. But, he can't sing, dance or rap a lick." EXCUSE ME, MR. WESSON!!!! I WANT TO BE KNOWN AS "STUNNING AND AMAZING" FOR MY SINGING & RAPPING. (OK, I'll give you "dancing.")

I blog about the bismirtch and damages in this blog post, from yesterday, here: Los Angeles Council President Herb Wesson DAMAGES Reputation of Zuma Dogg with Besmirching Comments in L.A. Times (A Zuma Dogg Legal Argument for FEDERAL Trial?)

. (ZD=NOT HAPPY! HOW DO I GET A BREAK? First, they violate my right to perform, then the City Council president runs a hit job on me in LA Times, cause he has the platform, cause he has the power.

And it has caused me so much emotional duress, this week, since the post re-appeared before my eyes with Herb's negative comments on my singing (I have plenty of good, credible rap videos on the net), as I was walking down the street, and supposed to be enjoying a nice day walking down the street or waking along the beach...the bipolar fuel kicked in...and did an about face, and started charging back to my apartment/karaoke-blog studio, to record an "exhibit" that I may have an opportunity to play for a jury at the Federal trial, Zuma Dogg and the City of Los Angeles are scheduled for, in August 2012.

SO, again...Bee Gess are great...but don't wanna be silly. Wanna prove=DAMN! So I said to myself, "who is the best, most globally-recognized singing vocalist...ZUMA DOGG THINKS SADE IS SURE UP THERE!!!!

So, if someone who is supposed to be the most phenomenal singing/rapping/dancing performing phenomenon in human history...gotta be able to sing ANY ANY TIME!!!! In this video, I PROMISE YOU, it's the FIRST TIME I am singing this on the mic, and need the words in front of me (as you can see). So, again...just like a world-class session player has to be able to jump in the seat -- and play the music charts in front of him/her...ZD takes a shot  at SADE - "No Ordinary Love" in this one take performance. (I made an edit from the first verse, to the SECOND chorus, because the video was WAY better...NOT a second take edited in.)

So if Herb Wesson says, "Zuma Dogg can't sing a lick," when he never even attended any of my live performances, does this video qualify me as being able to sing, in the spirit of a true performing musician?

YOU be the judge...I mean jury. Hope I can step out on the stage, again. My confidence is SHATTERED! [Instead of the Susan Boyle of Venice, I'm probably the William Hung of my Apartment, and just don't realize it. After all, HE didn't.]

BONUS EXHIBIT: Bono of U2, known to be a good singer. Here's one known to light up a stadium. "One" [In the Style of "Zuma Dogg" as we say in the karaoke biz.]

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