Sunday, December 4, 2011

MORE BULLY-THREATS by "Thin Skinned" Carmen Trutanich [Is He REALLY Suing Over Someone Using A Picture Of Him! EGO CHECK, TRUTANICH!]

WHEN does L.A. City Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich ever do any work for the PEOPLE of L.A. It appears all he does is run around the city, threatening people and suing them, over HIS EGO ISSUES!

At this point, it really doesn't matter HOW "brilliant of a world-class legal mind" he has (according to him), IT'S BEING BURRIED IN HOSTILE, VINDICTIVE, PETTY, EGO-DRIVEN, BULLSHIT!!! TRUTAINCH...WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? (Are you laying down your history and legacy, as planned, or are you DESTROYING the family "TRUTANICH" name for Nick?


 ‘Thin skinned’ Carmen Trutanich threatens to sue opponent over campaign photo

The Los Angeles Daily News broke the story that Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has made another empty threat. No, it’s not political protesters, AEG, Councilmember Jan Perry, or even the Occupy LA activists. This time Trutanich has threatened a copyright infringement lawsuit against his chief political rival, District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson.
This from the Los Angeles Dragnet:
Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is believed to be behind an October 14, 2011 threat to sue District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.
The threat, contained in a letter delivered to Jackson at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in downtown Los Angeles, complains of the “unauthorized use of various copyrighted photographs that appear on the website identified as:”
The website displays a video attacking Trutanich for reneging on his promise to voters that, if elected, he would not seek higher office. Trutanich’s so-called ‘Pledge to Serve’ is righteously hammered in ’Election Hangover Part II,’ a political parody suggesting voters might wake up to the awful reality of what they did in a moment of foolishness – voting for Trutanich.
Although the October 14, 2011 threat letter does not identify Carmen Trutanich as a client of the law firm, Alan Jackson’s campaign manager, John Thomas, told the Daily News that he believed Trutanich was behind the threat. “There’s only one person in the world that would have a vested interest in having us tear down that video, and that is our opponent, and he is a very thin-skinned individual,” Thomas said.
[ZD NOTE: OMG! I didn't know JOHN THOMAS (former Trutanich campaign manager on his winning L.A. City Attorney campaign, HAS JOINED all the OTHER former Trutanich supporters, who got BURNT by Trutanich, are EMBARRASSED by his behavior as an elected official, and are forced to apologize to people for supporting him, in the first place. HUGE TO ZD! SEEMS LIKE CARMEN DICKTANICH PISSED OFF EVERY SINGLE SUPPORTER WHOSE SHOULDERS HE RODE INTO OFFICE...except for Lee Baca. (Who has FBI problems with HIS department, and is a shady as hell, loser.)
Trutanich certainly seemed to know enough about the threat letter to make it implausible that he was not the instigator of this threat. Trutanich’s response to questions about the threat letter was that it “was sent on behalf of a photographer who worked for the 2009 city attorney bid,” Trutanich told the Daily News, also claiming that he did not authorize the sending of the letter himself.
Curiously, the photographer is also not named in the threat letter. The Daily News, however, contacted the law firm who sent Trutanich’s threat letter and they claimed to be “representing Redinger.” This is believed to be Scott Libolt, a photographer at Miami based Redinger-Libolt Photo. The Daily News was able to contact someone who apparently identified themselves as Scott Redinger who said he “was the definitely the photographer,” but he said he couldn’t comment any further, “I was told not to talk to reporters,” he said.
The photograph apparently complained of by Trutanich appears for only a fraction of a second in the Election Hangover Part II video, at about 1 minute 29 seconds into the video, and appears to be either the same or similar to a photograph that appears on Libolt’s portraits portfolio.

Photo used in Election Hangover Part II appears similar to a portrait on Redinger-Libolt Photo's website.

The threat letter warns Jackson of potential damages of up to $150,000 for willful copyright infringements, however, legal experts contacted by the Daily News doubted that an actual copyright action would succeed given the “fair use” doctrine of the Copyright Act.
Furthermore, this photograph of Trutanich has been widely used by the LA Weekly, most recently to report on Trutanich chickening out of the District Attorney candidates’ forum. On no occasion has the photo been used with either Trutanich or Libolt’s express permission and certainly it appears without any accreditation, making it highly likely that the use of the photo by Trutanich in his campaign rendered the photo ‘public domain’ and thus the success of any copyright action is even less likely.
Trutanich, of course, has quite a reputation for making threats as well as hiding behind others to deliver his threats. In 2009, when questions arose about Trutanich’s sudden hospitalization, respected author and sometime blogger John Mailander aka ‘Mulholland Terrace’ was threatened with a slander action for publishing a comment appearing on the LA Times website. The comment suggested heavy alcohol use may be involved in the hospitalization. Mailander was immediately threatened with a slander lawsuit by Trutanich via his Special Assistant Jane Usher.
Trutanich’s apparent willingness to use threats and wildly inaccurate accusations while hiding behind the skirts of others to launch attacks against people who don’t agree with him should give voters sufficient reason to question his suitability for any elected office, let alone that of the District Attorney’s Office.

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