Monday, December 26, 2011

NEW BLOG INNOVATION: Zuma Dogg Presents - LA City News MEGA-Tweet Columns (Scan LATimes, Weekly, DailyNews, All Zuma Dogg, All 311 Tweets (Police Scanner), LADailyNews & More (See

BREAKING: As I sit here, round the clock, my creative medium is my blog, and the challenge is to constantly try to re-consolidate the L.A. City News blog and twitter universe, into ONE, EASY place to view it all. (FOR ME to monitor it all from above, as I scan for items to blog, tweet and do radio and video shows about.)

So check out the Embedded Twitter Columns at any of the Zuma Dogg Blog Network URLs:,,,,, or


@LA Times,@LADailyNews, @LAWeekly, @LACityNews (Zuma Dogg scans 100s of news tweets from 100s of accounts,, beyond the ones listed above -- and feeds the one he likes through @LACityNews), @ZumaDogg, @Venice311, @Koreatown311, @HollywoodLA311 (twitter feeds based on LAPD radio scanner) and @USAElections12.

Was going though my twitter followers, for the first time in a long time -- and noticed @BarackObama, @NewtGingrch2012 (Newt has sent me a tweet from @NewtGingrich), @MicheleBachmann and a bunch of Sentators and other elected officials "following" I wanted to give them a news medium, where they could see exactly HOW FUCKED UP L.A. City Hall is, quickly and easily...ALL IN ONE PLACE! if it's LOCAL news. if you are elsewhere across the U.S.A.

And if you get an email from's just ZD from his Venice Beach laptop. (SOME of you may have thought it was from some official registrars office, or something.)

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