Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Los Angeles City News ( for 12/28/11: Embedded Tweet Column for ZumaDogg, LATimes, LADailyNews, LAWeekly & "The 311s" (Scan All L.A. City News, in this ONE blog post!)

HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND! Whether you are working, this week or not, it's the best week of the year. AFTER the pressure and rush of X-MAS (and all the stress it can bring) -- AND THE WEEKEND IN BETWEEN, LEADING TO NEW YEARS EVE & NEW YEARS DAY! Some of you may be aware...ZD has suffered from a slight online tweeting/blogging addiction; and as I dropped to record low 148.0 lbs, today; I realized, "my blogging is taking me nowhere." (If I'm suffering health scares, I'd like to THINK I can reduce my blogging. But as an innovator, (and the only role of an innovator), I wanted to INCREASE productivity, while REDUCING time and effort. So, I had to do something innovative: Zuma Dogg's MEGA TWEET COLUMNS. When I saw people like @BarackObama, @MicheleBachman, @NewtGingrich2012 (@NewtGingrich has tweeted @ZumaDogg, personally, so I know I'm reaching NEWT, beyond his campaign), @BEASTIEBOYS, the Governor of Hawaii, Senators, various other elected officials, and all the LATimes tweet accounts -- and many L.A. newspaper & TV news outlets (@ABC7, ect) follow @ZumaDogg; I wanted to provide a medium where everyone can quickly scan ONE BLOG for ALL THE TOP L.A. CITY NEWS STORIES, in ONE place. (Much the way a Top-40 station (at least in the OLD days) used to allow you to get a taste of all the different music genres, being played across all the other stations. So, in lieu of 3 or more blog posts a day, trying to recapture a lot of this; you can now scan Zuma Dogg, LA City News, LA Times, LA Daily News, LA Weekly, Venice311, Koreatown311, & HollywoodLA311 (311=tweets based on LAPD police scanner, including the channel you don't hear on the LAPD police scanner feed). HERE'S WHAT IS NOW POSTED ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF,, &, which all feed to the same blog. Again, like a Top 40, will be representing ZD's original content, ZD's LA City News tweets/blog posts, LATimes/LADailyNews/LAWeekly and The 311s...all on ONE blog! Just like Garcetti said, "We TRULY ARE one big happy family!" ZD APPLIES TOP-40 RADIO FORMATICS TO L.A. City News BLOGGING: FULL blog:

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