Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NEW: Watch L.A. City TV 35 - LIVE (24/7) at http://iRadioLIVE.com. Watch Tuesday 12/13/11 Council Meeting LIVE @ 10AM. BIg Day! Big Items! Venice Beach 42.15 on the agenda (To Be Continued?)

Innovative breakthrough. Now the FBI can monitor the L.A. City Council meetings, without having to navigate the complicated LACity.org website. Zuma Dogg just embedded the L.A. City TV 35 (Time Warner cable) LIVE feed at http://iRadioLIVE.com. Today (12/13/11) is a BIG day in council chambers, as it's the annual, "Jam As Much of the Shadiest Stuff Through As Possible, During The Last Week Before Year End Break," and maybe no one will notice. ON THE AGENDA: The long awaited and world famous Venice Beach Ordinance 42.15, after Carmen Trutanich, Bill Rosendahl's Office, Bill Rosendahl's Outside Counsel, and Carmen Trutanich's Outside Counsel have spent the past year, crafting a NEW illegal ordinance, that Zuma Dogg will immediately sue over in Federal Court. (October 21, 2010, City of  L.A. LOST to Zuma Dogg in FEDERAL COURT over 42.15, it was overturned, which is why they had to spend the past year, creating a new one. ZD and his attorney feel it is SEVERELY FLAWED when compared to the U.S. Constitution.

And although there is HUGE political and community pressure on Bill Rosendahl to jam this thing through (after being continued, last month), ZD does feel, it is EXTREMELY UNREASONABLE to expect councl to have a serious conversation on this important regional issue, given the heavy agenda. This ain't the only big item, and other items may be more time sensitive. This is not a time sensitive matter. In reality, at this point, they just need to have it ready for summer. So they could wait until they come back from break.

ANYWAY...you can start watching ALL the FINE, QUALITY entertainment...that IS -- L.A. City TV 35.

NOW EMBEDDED @ http://iRadioLIVE.com. (Aka: L.A.'s Comedy Central)


Here's Zuma Dogg's legal argument (blog post from over the weekend), encouraging a "NO" vote, on Item #13, Venice Beach 42.15 (Boardwalk Regulations). ZD and his attorney feel it is severely constitutionally flawed.  I explain a FEW reasons why, in this post.

AND, I want to make sure you see THIS:

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