Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ooops...It's Happening Again!

Too much tiempo blogging. Not mas enough support. No food for Zuma Perro=gets ugly, fast. State diagnosed disability issue. And I'm having a, non-food eating, flare up. FUCK everything else. Wait till you see what happens, later...everyone knows I've been trying to, "hang in there." DAMN, my fingertips are losing traction, tonight. It's 4:00am on Sunday night, now Monday morning. Gonna be a DISASTER ZONE when I wake up. Keep in mind...State doesn't hand out "disability" diagnosis like food stamps, you know. So there's a REASON they give it to you. My PayPal button is broken, I think, cause I don't think it is appearing for people to see. The reason I am up at 4am, is cause I'm scared of waking up in the morning. Makes for nice blogging, and then everyone thinks ZD is FINE! [It's gonna be a REAL CHALLENGE when I wake up.]

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