Saturday, December 3, 2011

Perhaps A Misquote: CBS Reports L.A. City Attorney's Office Likens #OccupyLA to, "Husband Who Beats His Wife!" (TRUTANICH, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND???)

[PICTURED: Looks like L.A. City Attorney Carmen "The Bully-Clown" REALLY gets off on this stuff.]

From CBS 2:

The city attorney’s office recommended Friday that 46 people charged with crimes related to the LAPD raid on the Occupy L.A. encampment not be allowed back to City Hall to continue protesting.

“We believe it is appropriate since they were arrested for violating the law in that area that they be ordered by the court not to go back to that area,” said Criminal Division Chief Earl Thomas, of L.A. City Attorney's Office.

He likened it to a husband accused of beating his wife, saying it would be reasonable to request the husband not be allowed to be near his wife.

UPDATE: Regarding The City Attorney’s Office request on Thursday to include a condition within the release that would prevent people from returning to the City Hall lawn: OBVIOUSLY, the court denied that request. (TRUTANICH IS NUTZ AND OFF THE RAILS OF OZZY'S "CRAZY TRAIN!")

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