Friday, December 16, 2011

TV Reality Show Pilot 30 Second PROMO: "Kids Get To Do Anything They Want" (Kid Gets A Butler For A Day & Goes On Shopping Spree/Makeover!) [COMEDY]

WHEN I WAS RUNNING FOR CITY COUNCIL, I HAD TO FIND A KID TO GIVE AN AWARD TO. So I saw this kid won a "bookmark contest" in the L.A. County library contest, so I contacted the parents, and they agreed I could use their kid for a campaign prop, since they knew "ZD," from TV, and liked what I was doing as an activist/gadfly and were fans of my Zuma Dogg Show (comedy cable show.)

Since the family knew me from my comedy TV show, and knew I did reality video stuff...they said their kid liked doing "shows," and said ZD & their kid should do a show, together, where ZD would be the comedy fall guy, and make the kid look like the adult. COMEDY GOLD, JERRY!!! And I thought the kid was talented and charismatic, OFF I actually thought it would be a GREAT IDEA!



Boy, did THIS kid blow her big chance! I REFUSED to do any more takes and stormed out the door! That kid was a little diva. [I should have known, after she told me the concept for the show!]

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