Monday, January 30, 2012

Are Downtown L.A. Rat Infested Produce Markets Just A Front For Drug Cartels To Ship REAL PRODUCT Across U.S. via L.A.? [An LA Daily Blog Reader Weighs In.]


For quite some time, now, the LA Produce Market, and the out of code Markets surrounding the Terminal located on 1600 Olympic Blvd, has been a focus on the agenda of every single Code Enforcement Office and Health Officer in the Downtown Area. 

Why doesn't anything ever happen? It’s simple: the Kingpin of Downtown Real Estate involved with the Villaraigosa Government has not allowed them to completely close, when the monthly income of these out of code installations bring well over a million dollars a month; on areas that need no maintenance. This is what anyone will consider the goose with the gold eggs.                       

From the outdated 1920’s 7th St Markets, where the Rats are the size of a medium size cat, with a fetid sewage that flows freely every time we have a heavy the pollution and trash created on a daily basis by the tenants and buyers of this pig sty.

Back to the subject: The reason why this place hasn’t been closed even after been improperly rebuilt after being condemned by a fire in 2006 seems obvious: The income that it creates it’s just too much to be ignored. ( 

Plus the fact that the Mob has direct links with some of these businesses, where they land illegal products and re-route them to all areas of the U.S. to their final destinations for street distribution. 

This way, in a very low key manner, the drugs and other items are put in hands of their final consumer in the most innocent way. 

Do you think the Meruelo’s didn’t know? Why you think they purchased the market and everything around it? How does part of the family hang out with these business owners and their posses on a weekly basis, where they drink and party. Have you ever seen the DEA in here? NEVER! I mean they’re just blocks away, you would think that by now they would’ve done their job.   

Families like the "A" Cartel are still involved in the daily traffic of drugs to the U.S. via Produce Companies. The proof is very notorious: How can businesses trash, on a daily basis, the tons and tons of produce that goes bad coming from Sinaloa, Chiapas, Michoacan, Sayula; and not end up bankrupt or closing doors eventually? 

The answer is simple: This is merchandise that they don’t have to pay. The drugs that were packed in the same merchandise are more important than the value of the produce. That’s why the produce is a freebie, if they help move the drugs to a different semi, parked in the premises; with destinations like Seattle Washington, Denver, CO, Dallas, Texas, Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah, Albuquerque, New Mexico and others.

This way, the Market is a big stage for drugs, racketeering and related street activities. When are we, the Angelinos, going to open our eyes to the corruption we have living amongst us and do something about it??


LOOKS LIKE WE GOT ALL NEW MATERIAL...AND ZD STILL AIN'T SETTLED AND HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN COPY, PASTE and POST, THIS STUFF! Thanks, L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich for keeping me in the political blogging business!!! THE MOB LOVES YA!

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